Diagnosing and Treating Holes in Ivy Leaves

The Swiss cheese plant, or Monstera adansonii, gets its name from its big, heart-shaped leaves that get holes in them over time. This is called fenestration. This makes the leaves resemble Swiss cheese. The Swiss cheese plant is a tropical perennial that comes from Central and South America. It is usually grown indoors. Monstera adansonii … Read more

Exploring the Growth Rate and Habit of the Stunning Black Tulip Magnolia Tree

Among magnolia trees, the Black Tulip Magnolia stands out for its striking purple-black tulip-shaped blooms and elegant form. This eye-catching hybrid tree results from a cross between saucer magnolia and lily magnolia. While loved for its spring floral display, a key consideration is its growth rate and habit. Let’s take a closer look at what … Read more