How to Create a Vivarium: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Vivariums are enclosed, miniature ecosystems that allow you to recreate a small slice of the natural world right in your own home With the right elements in place, a vivarium becomes a self-sustaining habitat filled with live plants, microfauna, and your chosen animal species Building a successful vivarium does take some specialized knowledge, but it’s … Read more

The Top Hedges for Privacy and Beauty in South Florida’s Unique Climate

As a South Florida homeowner, finding the right hedges and shrubs to create privacy and complement your home’s landscape can be challenging. Our hot, humid, subtropical climate and occasional freezes limit some popular hedging plants that thrive in other regions After researching the unique growing conditions in South Florida and the most recommended plants, I’ve … Read more

Add Vertical Interest with 15 White Trellises Perfect for Climbing Plants

A garden trellis serves both form and function. Visually, it adds beautiful vertical architecture, lending height and interest to garden beds and borders. Practically, a trellis provides essential support for climbing vines and plants to grow upwards rather than sprawl. For plant owners looking to add structure and elevation to their landscapes, a white garden … Read more