pepper tree with pink peppercorns

The Surprising Pink Peppercorn-Producing Pepper Tree Have you ever noticed those beautiful weeping trees with cascading pink berry clusters in neighborhoods or parks? They are actually pepper trees that produce edible pink peppercorns! These ornamental pepper trees are native to Peru and parts of Brazil but can now be found in warm climates worldwide. Their … Read more

Demystifying the Crab Apple Tree Growth Rate

Crab apple trees are beloved for their profusion of flowers in spring, their colorful foliage, and their ornamental fruits that persist into winter. Their manageable size makes them ideal accent trees for yards big and small. But how fast do these charismatic trees grow? What factors influence their growth rate? This article will explore the … Read more

Where to Find Magnolia Trees for Sale Near Me

With their stunning blooms and classic beauty, magnolia trees are highly sought after ornamental specimens for gardens and landscapes. If you’re hoping to find and purchase one of these graceful trees locally, this guide covers everything you need to know. We’ll discuss Benefits of magnolias What to look for when buying Types of magnolias to … Read more

The Charm of Azaleas in the Fall Garden

Azaleas are classic spring-blooming shrubs, lighting up the landscape with their colorful flowers. But in recent years, new varieties known as Encore Azaleas have become popular for their ability to bloom not just in spring, but again in the fall. While some gardeners feel fall-blooming azaleas are not natural, they provide an appealing extension of … Read more

Where to Find Snowdrop Flower Bulbs for Sale to Welcome Spring

Among the earliest blooms of spring, nodding snowdrop flowers offer hope that winter will soon pass. Their graceful, white blossoms brighten gardens and natural areas before most plants emerge. If you’d like to grow these harbingers of spring, snowdrop bulbs can be purchased from various retailers. Knowing where to source top quality snowdrop bulbs ensures … Read more