Our History

“A dream come true.” Stone Post Gardens may have officially opened in 2003, but it had been a family business ten years in the making. Matt Eddinger, the oldest of five brothers, sprouted the first greenhouse back in 1992 at the tender age of 15. Starting early and ending late, work was plentiful and a great spiritual lesson for the young Eddinger boys.  Matt, Luke, Josh, Sam and Zach all did their fair share of the work and reaped the benefits of a sound agricultural experience.

After Matt’s heartfelt jump into the greenhouse business, Josh, the middle brother, also joined.  Matt and Josh extended their education thanks to the Vocational-Agricultural program at Middletown High School, and many weekends spent at their aunts’ farm on Long Island.

Stone Post Gardens’ first retail location opened in 2003 on Randolph Road and things have kept on growing.  What started out as a small plastic greenhouse, is now a beautiful, state-of-art, glass greenhouse that is both efficient and stunning to behold; especially paired with the three-story, goldenrod barn attached. And while we have had some uphill battles, a love of agriculture has kept our spirits high.

Nearly twenty years later, Mom, Dad, Matt, Josh, and some wonderful staff are all-hands-on-deck to help with all aspects of this growing family business.  Thanks to a lot of hard work and the support of a large and generous family, Stone Post Gardens has grown into a thriving retail greenhouse nursery.