A Guide to Gorgeous Pink Dahlia Varieties with Vibrant Yellow Centers

Dahlias are a great summer flower because they bloom for a long time and come in many shapes and sizes.

In fact, the less you cut them back, the more they bloom, which means that your hard work pays off almost right away.

Because they go with almost any color scheme, they’re a breath of fresh air and make any space feel more alive right away.

Horticultural Consultant Dan Ori says, “My favorite pink dahlia is ‘Bishop of Leicester.’ The petals have subtle changes in pink that make them look like they were painted with a fine watercolor brush.”

“The watercolor pink petals of this plant are surrounded by bright yellow stamens, and the dark leaves make the plant look dramatic.”

“It is an excellent option for when you are trying to knit together a border containing contrasting colours. That makes it a good plant for the front or middle of a border. It grows to about 70 cm tall and spreads to 50 cm wide. ”.

Below, I have handpicked my own choice of a number of pink dahlia varieties for your perusal.

These types all grow well in full sun in a protected area and bloom in the summer and fall. They are all H3 hardy type plants.

Dahlias come in a stunning rainbow of colors, but one of the most eye-catching combinations is the pairing of pink petals with a yellow center. These bicolor pink and yellow dahlias make a vibrant statement in gardens and bouquets alike. In this guide we’ll highlight some of the prettiest pink dahlia varieties featuring a bright yellow eye.

Pink dahlias with yellow centers add pops of contrast and brightness to flower beds, borders, and containers. Their two-tone blooms also make fabulous cut flowers. Read on to discover some of the best pink and yellow dahlias to grow in your garden!

Why Grow Pink and Yellow Dahlias?

Dahlias exhibiting pink petals surrounding a yellow center offer the best of both worlds. The pink petals add soft, feminine tones while the yellow centers provide a burst of solar flair. Together they create flowers that dazzle.

Other benefits of choosing pink and yellow dahlias include:

  • Draw attention with their bold bicolor blooms
  • Flower abundantly from midsummer into fall
  • Make stunning cut flowers with long vase life
  • Attract pollinators like bees and butterflies
  • thrive in full sun with moderate water and care
  • Wide variety of forms and sizes to choose from

No matter your gardening zone or landscape style, there’s sure to be a perfect pink and yellow dahlia for you!

10 Beautiful Pink & Yellow Dahlia Varieties

Here are some of the prettiest pink dahlia varieties that feature a stand-out yellow center

1. Dahlia ‘Alfred Grille’

‘Alfred Grille’ blooms with peach-pink pointed petals tipped with yellow. The elegant bicolor flowers resemble sea anemones. This tall, late-blooming variety grows up to 4 feet tall and does well as a cut flower.

2. Dahlia ‘American Dream’

The huge 6-8 inch blooms of ‘American Dream’ display deep pink rounded petals with stripes and a bright yellow center. A vigorous grower that provides nonstop color in gardens and arrangements.

3. Dahlia ‘April Dawn’

A profuse bloomer with soft pink, informal flowers featuring buttery yellow centers. ‘April Dawn’ blooms abundantly on compact 2-3 foot plants from midsummer through frost.

4. Dahlia ‘Edinburgh’

‘Edinburgh’s fully double blooms showcase white petals that transition to deep pink tips surrounding a sunny yellow center. The color contrast is striking. Great for borders and cutting.

5. Dahlia ‘Frigoulet’

One of the darkest pink dahlias, ‘Frigoulet’ bears semi-cactus flowers with deep fuchsia pink petals and a bright yellow eye. Blooms late summer through fall.

6. Dahlia ‘Gerrie Hoek’

A delicate pink waterlily dahlia with gracefully curved petals in shades of light pink and peach. The center starts yellow then fades to a pale pink.

7. Dahlia ‘Honka Surprise’

Cheery pink single blooms with slightly twisted petals. ‘Honka Surprise’ flowers heavily even in hot climates. Compact growth to 2-3 feet.

8. Dahlia ‘Raspberry Ripple’

Vivid raspberry pink petals with lighter reverses surround a sunny yellow center. Abundant semi-cactus blooms on sturdy 3 foot plants. Stunning!

9. Dahlia ‘Surprise’

A unique bicolor with lavender-pink tips that deepen to magenta toward the yellow eye. ‘Surprise’ has curved, twisting petals that stand out in arrangements.

10. Dahlia ‘Thomas Edison’

Bright pink, perfectly formed decorative dahlia blooms. This compact variety has great reblooming power and produces quantities of pretty bicolor flowers.

Growing Tips for Pink & Yellow Dahlias

Dahlias thrive when provided with full sun, fertile soil, sufficient water, and proper care. Follow these tips for success with pink and yellow varieties:

  • Plant in spring after the danger of frost passes. Dig tubers back up in fall.

  • Space plants 12-24 inches apart depending on mature size. pinch young plants to encourage bushy growth.

  • Stake tall varieties to provide support and prevent damage from wind and rain.

  • Water 1-2 inches per week. Increase frequency in extreme heat.

  • Apply balanced fertilizer monthly when blooming begins.

  • Deadhead regularly to extend the flowering period into fall.

  • In zones 7 and colder, mulch dahlia tubers for winter protection.

Using Pink & Yellow Dahlias in the Landscape

Bicolor pink and yellow dahlias bring unmatched luminosity and vibrancy to the landscape. Use them in these creative ways:

  • Plant in perennial beds and borders for nonstop color. Group similar hues or blend shades.

  • Grow in containers on patios and decks for up close enjoyment.

  • Cut stems frequently for bouquets – dahlias have a long vase life of up to 2 weeks!

  • Attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden.

  • Highlight them in a cutting garden for an abundant supply of flowers.

  • Plant along fences, trellises, and arches. Taller varieties can be trained to climb.

  • Use as cheerful annuals in zones colder than zone 8 where dahlias are not winter hardy.

Go Bold with Pink & Yellow Dahlias

Seeking flowers that dazzle? Look no further than pink dahlia varieties with yellow centers! These bright beauties liven up any garden with their dramatic contrasting blooms in shades from pale to neon. Dress up your landscape with their vibrant colors and nonstop flowering. Your garden will thank you!

D. ‘Kilburn Rose’

pink dahlia with yellow center

  • COMMON NAME(S): Dahlia ‘Kilburn Rose’
  • FLOWERS: Pink and orange
  • SOIL PREFERENCE: Any soil type; any pH
  • SIZE: 1-1.5m in height, 0.1-0.5m spread

‘Kilburn Rose’ is a waterlily-style dahlia of medium height, growing up to 120cm at full maturity.

It has shockingly bright peach double petals, and the soft pinks and bright yellows in the middle make the flower heads look like they are glowing.

The blooms of the “Kilburn Rose” are a sight to behold against its green leaves. The flowers look their best when grouped together in groups of five or six plants.

D. ‘Franz Kafka’ (Pom)

pink dahlia with yellow center

  • COMMON NAME(S): Dahlia ‘Franz Kafka’
  • FLOWERS: Pink and purple
  • SOIL PREFERENCE: Chalk, loam, sand; any pH
  • SIZE: 0.5-1m in height, 0.5-1m spread

Dahlia ‘Franz Kafka’ grows to be about 80 cm tall when fully grown, but its flower heads are some of the smallest of any cultivar—they’re only 5 cm across.

Pretty pompons are made from ruffles of tightly packed bright pink petals that move up and down on their stems in the wind.

This disparity between their height and flower size makes them an intriguing choice for a mixed herbaceous border.

On the other hand, because the flowers are so delicate and pretty, they’re also very popular when mixed in with other flowers.

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