7 Best Plants to Hang in Your Shower for an Invigorating Botanical Escape

Not only is hanging plants in the bathroom a fun way to make the room look better, but it’s also good for your mental and physical health in many ways. This guide will show you the seven best hanging plants for bathrooms and how to hang them in different ways that fit your style.

Transforming your shower into a relaxing rainforest oasis is easier than you think with the right plants. Hanging trailing greenery, colorful flowers, or fragrant herbs from your showerhead or nearby hooks and shelves will instantly infuse your bathroom with natural tranquility.

But which plants actually thrive in the warm, humid environment of the shower? Follow this guide to choosing the best shower plants and creative ways to display them.

Why Add Plants to Your Shower?

Before diving into specifics, let’s review the benefits of shower plants:

  • Purify air – Plants naturally filter toxins and produce oxygen

  • Increase humidity – Absorb and emit moisture for a tropical vibe.

  • Reduce mold – Plants soak up excess moisture that can cause mildew.

  • Destress – Greenery triggers relaxation and lifts your mood.

  • Decorate – Add life, color and texture without clutter.

  • Enjoy aromas – Herbs like mint release scent when wet.

Key Factors for Choosing Shower Plants

To pick plants that will flourish in your shower long-term, consider:


  • Low light – Snake plants, pothos, peace lily

  • Bright indirect light – Spider plant, creeping fig, croton

Humidity Tolerance

  • High humidity – Orchids, ferns, nerve plant

  • Moderate humidity – Succulents, herbs, bromeliads

Watering Needs

  • Lots of moisture – Peace lily, nerve plant, lucky bamboo

  • Well-draining soil – Cacti, succulents, spider plant

7 Best Shower Plants to Hang or Display

1. Ponytail Palm

This unique succulent has a bulbous base and fountain of long, slender leaves. It tolerates moisture well when allowed to dry out in between. Display it in a corner, on a shelf, or floor.

2. Tillandsia Air Plants

Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the air so they thrive in humid showers. Affix these quirky plants with suction cups or fishing line.

3. Pothos Vine

An easy-care vine with cascading heart-shaped leaves. Let it trail from hooks or the showerhead. Select variegated types for bright color.

4. Maidenhair Fern

Feathery maidenhair ferns relish bathroom humidity. Place a small plant on a corner shelf where the delicate foliage won’t get drenched.

5. Sage Bundle

Hang fresh or dried sage for an aromatherapy boost. The shower heat releases the herb’s savory, calming scent.

6. Bamboo

A classic that grows well in water and loves steamy conditions. Set a stalk in a tall vase outside the shower spray.

7. Orchids

moth orchids thrive in warm, humid air. Provide bright indirect light by placing them near a window on a bathroom shelf or windowsill.

Creative Ways to Display Shower Plants

Now that you’ve picked your plants, here are some fun ways to show them off:

  • Hang from the showerhead or a hook with twine, wire, or chain.

  • Affix to shower walls with adhesive hooks, suction cups, or wire mesh panels.

  • Place in corner caddies, hanging baskets, wall planters, or on shelves.

  • Let trail along the shower curtain rod or down the edge of glass shower doors.

  • Sit in water-filled vases on the floor away from direct water spray.

  • Set on a windowsill or bathroom counter within reach of ambient humidity.

Caring for Shower Plants

Bathroom blooms will thrive with just a bit of specialized care:

  • Use draining pots and well-aerated potting mix.

  • Move plants out of the shower stream to prevent soil saturation.

  • Pour off excess water that collects in cachepots or plant saucers.

  • Check soil moisture frequently and water when the top layer dries out.

  • Wipe leaves often to keep pores unclogged and allow breathing.

  • Provide good ventilation with a fan or by opening the door post-shower.

  • Wash leaves periodically to prevent mineral buildup from water droplets.

  • Offer a weak fertilizer monthly to nurture plants in the low-light bathroom.

Surround yourself with tranquil greenery while you wash away the day’s stresses. Creating a spa-like shower sanctuary with beautiful blooms is sure to turn your daily ritual into a rejuvenating retreat.

Before You Pick A Plant

Don’t just put any plant in your bathroom; think about these things first to make sure you get the right one.

Not all common houseplants are the right choice for this often hot, moist environment.

To make the best choice when selecting indoor plants to hang in a bathroom, consider the following:

  • The available amount of light
  • The plant’s ability to tolerate high humidity
  • If hanging in the shower, the plant should be able to handle soil that is wet.

For a plant that will do well in a small bathroom, think about lucky bamboo or moth orchids, which are tropical plants that do well in damp places.

​Any plant that can tolerate the heat of the tropics can thrive in a humid bathroom.

Because it will be getting a lot of water from the steamy bathroom, you should pick a plant that can naturally handle being in a very wet place.

It will take on even more if the plant is placed directly in your shower.

If possible, the pot you choose for your plant should have holes in the bottom that let any extra water drain away.

Well-drained soil is important to prevent root rot and support the overall health of the plant.

It is important to think about how much sunlight your bathroom gets before choosing the right plants for it.

Plants that thrive in bright light will be different from plants that thrive in low-light conditions.

Artificial lighting in your bathroom is probably not enough to keep live plants alive most of the time.

Think about how much light your bathroom has before you go any further. Is it very bright, medium, or not bright at all?

Knowing this will help you pick the plant that is right for you.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: None*

If you picture a magical shower room with soothing plants hanging from the shower head, eucalyptus plants might be the ones that come to mind.

In this instance, the eucalyptus is often already cut from the growing plant.

Once cut, hanging the plant directly from the shower head is an excellent choice.

The shower’s heat and steam will help release the plant’s essential oils, creating an incredible-smelling bathroom oasis.

Many people enjoy this aromatherapy experience as an enhancement to their other mental health practices.

You can purchase a bunch of fresh-cut eucalyptus from select grocery or health food stores. Alternatively, you can also hang dried eucalyptus leaves from the shower head.

*This is the only choice that isn’t a real plant that’s growing, so it can be used in any bathroom with any amount of light.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

| Light Requirement: Moderate Light

Some people call epipremnum plants “devil’s ivy.” There are many kinds of epipremnum plants, like golden and neon pothos.

You may recognize their unique, heart-shaped leaves in the pictures below. This fast-growing plant thrives in warm, humid environments, making it a great choice for your bathroom.

This plant also does well in moderate light, so it’s a great choice to hang from a hook near the window or stick to your shower curtain.

One great thing about pothos is that some types can grow in water, which is great if you don’t want a pot of dirt hanging in your shower.

Hanging hooks also work well because they let air flow below them and give these tall plants room to grow while still getting full sun all day.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Moderate-Bright, Not-Direct Light

Spider plants, Chlorophytum comosum, are very popular houseplants because they don’t need much care and like to be left alone. This makes them great for leaving in the bathroom and forgetting about them.

This plant needs indirect sunlight but should not receive direct sun exposure. To help you do this, you should hang this higher on your wall so it gets enough natural light every day.

This makes the top of a bathroom shelf the perfect place to place your spider plant.

If you want to forget about watering, try a self-watering pot or a watering globe. The plant likes it slightly damp.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Moderate-Bright, Not-Direct Light

The creeping fig plant, which is also sometimes called fig ivy, is a vine that does well both inside and outside.

This is an excellent plant for a bit more humid areas, like the bathroom. These guys love their hanging hooks and can handle being at eye level in the bathroom.

The natural folds in the green leaves give this plant its unique look and give water droplets from your shower head or bathtub faucet more places to land.

Please keep in mind that this plant needs soil that can dry out completely; the roots can’t stay wet for a long time.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Bright, Direct Light

These are beautiful plants with bright yellow, orange, red, multicolored, or green leaves. They are called Codiaeum varigatum or variegated croton.

Because they do best with lots of natural light, you should only get one of these beautiful plants if your bathroom has a big, bright window.

These small plants are typically kept in pots that would sit on your bathroom shelf or windowsill.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Low, Indirect Light

Variegated snake plants, such as Sansevieria or Dracaena trifasciata, look great hanging from the inside of the top of a shower or tub enclosure. They will also do well almost anywhere else.

When you want an easy option that will still do well in low light, these common houseplants are the best choice.

However, it is important to note that they are toxic to pets.

Stay away from this choice if you have a cat or dog that might want to bite it.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Low, Indirect Light

Spathiphyllum, while not a true lily, peace lilies are a tropical plant native to South America.

Because these little guys need a lot of water, they will love how the shower keeps them wet and humid.

A peace lily likes it best when you don’t let it dry out too often.

If you take good care of this plant on the list, it will grow big green plants with pretty white flowers.

If you give them plenty of water, this beautiful bulbous flower blooms frequently for you.

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

plants to hang in the shower

Light Requirement: Bright, Indirect Light

String of Pearls, or Senecio rowleyanus, is the name of a plant that looks just like its name: a vine that looks like a real string of beads.

This is one plant that loves the humidity, making it one of the best shower plants.

These plants can handle a lot, and they’ll do great in your bathroom with all the steam on them.

Why You Will Love This Guide

You can bring the best parts of nature into your bathroom with real plants. This is the right guide for you.

Indoor plants can help clean the air because they are naturally air purifiers. These pretty plants also look great in any room and can even be used as bathroom decor.

It depends on your needs what kind of plant is best for you. This guide will also show you how to hang different kinds of plants on shower curtains or hooks.

We’ll also give you some tips on how to keep your plants alive longer so you don’t have to buy new ones too often.

Don’t forget that there is no one perfect plant. Choose the one that works best for you and your space.

Indoor Plants – 16 Best Plants for Windowless Bathroom


What plant should you hang in your shower?

Low-light friendly ferns and philodendrons are a great option if your shower or bathroom doesn’t have a winder. However, if your space does have a window, you can opt for more tropical plant varieties like a Majesty Palm or Aloe plant.

What plant is hung in the shower?

Hanging eucalyptus in the shower is one way to reap its benefits, but there are a few other ways you can use the plant that don’t require always needing a fresh bundle.

What should you hang in the shower?

First, you can get a cutting, bouquet, or bundle to hang in your shower. These are trimmings from a real plant, such as a eucalyptus bundle, that will add fragrance, nature, and similar mental health benefits to your shower without the responsibilities of watering and care.

What plant absorbs moisture in a bathroom?

The Best Plants to Absorb Moisture for Healthy Bathing Spaces Are: Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

What are the best shower plants for your bathroom?

The best shower plants for your bathroom are houseplants that thrive in low-light and very humid conditions. Many indoor plants grow well in bathrooms where they can improve aesthetics and create a natural, almost tropical environment. Most bathrooms usually have less light than standard rooms—some bathrooms may even be windowless.

Can you hang Pothos in the shower?

Pothos ( Epipremnum aureum) In the bathroom, hanging plants keeps them from getting too wet—and can add to a wild, natural vibe. Pothos is a super easy houseplant to grow and a trailing plant that’s a great candidate for hanging in the shower. Plant a pot of pothos in a medium-light or bright corner.

What are the best plants for bathroom decor?

The best plants for bathroom decor can handle the moist conditions of that environment. They aren’t sensitive to water droplets lying on their leaves. Those in pots can tolerate constant moisture around their roots. Epiphytic plants, which grow in trees and thrive on humidity and rainwater, are especially good choices.

Can shower plants grow in darkness?

Of course, no plants can grow in complete darkness. Even in apartments with windowless bathrooms, many shower plants can grow well if they get enough artificial light. Also, filtered light through frosted glass protects many indoor bathroom plants from direct sunlight. What are the best types of shower plants to keep in your bathroom?

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