Autumn Lily Encore Azalea Reviews: Evaluating the Performance, Bloom Quality, and Durability of This Popular Variety

Encore azaleas are prized for their ability to bloom in spring summer and fall when many other azaleas drop their flowers until the next season. The Autumn Lily variety stands out for its pristine white blooms accented with occasional soft purple stripes. But how well does it really perform in home landscapes? Here’s an in-depth look at Autumn Lily encore azalea reviews to help evaluate its merits.

Overview of Autumn Lily Encore Azalea Traits

Before diving into user reviews let’s overview some key traits that impact the Autumn Lily’s performance

  • Medium-sized stature reaching about 4-5 feet tall and wide at maturity. Upright form.

  • Dark green foliage on compact branches Good disease resistance

  • Abundant blooms in spring, summer, and fall. Single white flowers with subtle purple stripes.

  • High cold hardiness down to zone 6a, one of the most cold tolerant varieties.

  • Requires full sun for maximal flowering. At least 6 hours direct sun per day ideal.

  • Moderate water needs. Drought tolerant once established but occasional deep soaking while blooming.

  • Must have well-drained soil. Wet feet will cause root rot. Add organic matter to increase drainage.

Positive Review Highlights

Reading multiple reviews reveals these commonly highlighted positives:

  • Healthy plants arrive with moist soil, intact roots, and no broken branches thanks to good shipping methods. Plants establish quickly.

  • Profuse blooms smother bushes in spring, summer, and fall as advertised. The sheer flower power impresses reviewers.

  • Flowers have a clean, bright white color with just a hint of purple on some petals for added character. The simple elegance shines.

  • Nice compact form for smaller spaces. Growth stays full but plants don’t get overly large and unruly.

  • Cold hardy performance in northern zones like 6a pleases customers used to azaleas dying back over winter. Autumn Lily flowers reliably each season.

  • Drought tolerance makes care easier once established. Less watering needed versus other azaleas.

Constructive Review Criticisms

While overall positive, reviews also point out a few potential downsides:

  • Flowers are only single, not double. Blooms lack the fuller form some desire.

  • Too much direct hot sun can bleach leaves yellow and cause wilting. Afternoon shade improves appearance.

  • Plants with improper drainage decline and die from root rot according to some reviews. Modify soil at planting to improve drainage.

  • A few buyers report plants failing to thrive despite proper care. Reasons are unclear but may indicate variability in plant vigor.

  • Not as lush and bushy a grower as some varieties. Form is naturally a bit more upright and open.

  • Occasional mixed reviews on shipping mortality. Most plants arrive healthy but a small percentage suffer irreparable damage.

Key Growing Tips Gathered from Reviews

Experienced gardeners reviewing the Autumn Lily share useful care tips:

  • Choose a site with morning sun and afternoon shade, especially in southern climates, to prevent leaf burn.

  • Turn plants regularly for even growth since one side can get more sun exposure. Prevent stretching toward light.

  • Allow good airflow around plants and avoid cramming too close together. Air movement reduces fungal diseases.

  • Apply acidic fertilizer formulated for azaleas to maintain optimal soil pH and feed plants properly.

  • To boost fall re-bloom, prune immediately after spring flowers fade and fertilize in midsummer.

  • Water deeply when soil dries out several inches down during flowering periods. Weekly deep soaking ideal.

  • Add organic matter like compost when planting new shrubs to improve moisture retention and drainage.

Consensus Impression and Recommendations

The consensus from numerous reviewers is overwhelmingly positive:

  • The Autumn Lily generally earns high marks for plant health, cold hardiness, and heavy repeat blooming.

  • When sited and cared for properly, it flowers reliably and performs very well overall.

  • The clean white blooms with delicate purple accents add graceful, subtle beauty.

  • While not the fullest double flower, the blooms have an appealing fresh, wildflower look.

  • The Autumn Lily is recommended for gardeners wanting a fuss-free, cold-hardy encore azalea with pristine blooms.

  • Pay close attention to siting and drainage needs for best success. Morning sun is ideal.

  • Add a balanced azalea fertilizer to enhance flowering and maintain acidic soil these shrubs prefer.

Review Highlights by Star Rating

Looking at reviews based on star ratings given provides helpful insight:

5-Star Reviews

  • Plants arrive healthy with intact root balls and branches thanks to careful shipping.

  • Flowering is prolific in spring, summer, and fall just as advertised for the encore azaleas.

  • The clean white blooms with small purple accents add simple elegance and visual appeal.

  • Growth habit stays compact but fills out nicely, working well in smaller garden spaces.

4-Star Reviews

  • Shrubs establish and grow well with proper siting and care. Flowering is reliable.

  • While pretty, some wished for fuller double blooms rather than single flower form.

  • Recommend paying close attention to drainage needs as these aren’t as forgiving of heavy soil.

3-Star Reviews

  • Flowering is underwhelming the first year or two until plants mature and fill out more.

  • They appreciate some afternoon shade in hot southern climates to prevent leaf yellowing/burn.

  • Performance varies based on local climate conditions. Those in cold climates were more pleased.

2-Star Reviews

  • A few buyers had plants fail to thrive and decline despite attentive care.

  • Some disappointments with plants arriving damaged, dried out, or dying back after planting.

  • Flowering not as prolific as expected. May depend on maturity and growing conditions.

1-Star Reviews

  • Majority of problems stem from plants arriving with irreparable shipping damage.

  • Plants with wet feet quickly succumb to root rot and fungal issues. Drainage is imperative.

  • Hot afternoon sun combined with reflected heat off walls/pavement causes severe leaf burn.

Final Recommendation

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from satisfied gardening reviewers, the Autumn Lily encore azalea earns a strong recommendation for gardeners seeking a carefree, blooming machine for season after season of pristine white flowers. Pay close attention to drainage and sunlight needs, fertilize regularly, and you’re sure to enjoy this variety’s charms for years to come. The Autumn Lily is a superstar that largely lives up to the hype.

More About The Autumn Lily® Azalea

Fertilize your Encore Azaleas after the spring bloom or in the summer but don’t feed after August.

Autumn Lily Encore Azalea

What does autumn Lily encore Azalea look like?

Autumn Lily Encore Azalea produces loads of large, 3 inch diameter, beautiful white blooms in spring, summer, and fall against a backdrop of deep green foliage on strong, upright plants. The flowers sometimes have occasion purple spots and stripes. More details below Questions about this item?

Is autumn Lily a good azalea plant?

Robust and upright with deep green foliage, Autumn Lily produces white blooms with occasional single purple stripes. Its strong growth and profuse blooms make Autumn Lily perfect for mass and foundation plantings. One of the most cold-hardy Encore Azalea varieties. This plant is suitable for your USDA Zone 7a Not Your USDA Zone?

Can I plant Autumn Lily encore azaleas at different heights?

Of course, like all the Encore Azaleas, the Autumn Lily Encore Azalea grows well in zones 7, 8 and 9, and in those regions it is also perfect for foundation planting where a taller plant is needed than the popular and smaller Autumn Ivory. Indeed, you can use them both, for flowering at two different heights.

What is an Autumn Royal encore Azalea?

The autumn royal Encore azalea is one of the large, quickly growing shrubs that has a mature height of 4 to 5 feet with a spread of 3 to 4 feet. It is cold and heat tolerant, deer resistant, and thrives in zones 6 through 9. This evergreen azalea produces dazzling white flower buds in April and July and continues blooming through fall.

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