Finding the Purrfect Cat Tree for Your Extra Large Feline Friend

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“My three cats, especially the Maine Coon, think they’re in heaven. They haven’t come off it since it was assembled. They love it. “.

The Cat Mansion Light Grey cat tree is one of the most popular cat trees. Its many lying and playing areas are every cats dream. The sisal poles are 5 inch thick, making it very stable and sturdy. The lounge area is 24 inches by 17 inches, and there is a lovely, soft 18-inch hammock and a huge hiding place. This makes it perfect for both large (pedigree) cats and active kittens. Options Product variants Quantity.

When you have an extra large cat at home, finding a cat tree that can accommodate their size can be a challenge. Large and heavy cats need more robust, sturdy cat trees that can hold their weight and allow them to fully stretch and climb. The wrong size cat tree can be unstable or even dangerous for big kitties.

With some key considerations in mind, you can find the ideal cat tree to keep your extra large cat active and entertained. This guide covers how to select the perfect cat furniture for your plus-sized feline

Factors to Consider for Oversized Cats

Weight capacity – Look for a cat tree rated to hold at least 50 lbs, or preferably more Sturdy, thick poles and a solid wide base are best

Platform size – Perches, houses, and platforms should be at least 18 x 18 inches to give them room to relax and lounge.

Scratching surface area – More surface area allows them to fully stretch while scratching. Look for multiple tall sisal-wrapped posts.

Overall height – Tall cat trees encourage activity and allow them to get exercise climbing up high. Aim for at least 4-6 feet in height.

Ramp width – Ramps should be at least 5-6 inches wide to comfortably accommodate their body size Covered ramps also provide privacy

Construction – Durable materials like solid wood, thick PVC plastic, and tough fabrics last longer under heavy use.

Best Cat Tree Options for Plus-Sized Cats

Here are some of the best cat tree options that are specifically designed with extra large and heavy cats in mind:

1. Extra Tall Multi-Level Cat Trees

Extra tall cat trees give big cats ample vertical space to climb and play. Look for a height of at least 6 feet with multiple perches, hideaways, and scratching surfaces on each level. Thick, sisal-wrapped posts provide durability and promote healthy scratching.

2. Cat Trees with Large, Stable Platforms

Your large cat will appreciate lounging platforms at least 18 x 18 inches in size or bigger. Make sure platforms are supported underneath by sturdy beams and are covered with soft yet durable plush or faux fur fabric.

3. Cat Condos with Spacious Interiors

Enclosed cat condos or “cubby holes” should be large enough for them to comfortably turn around and lounge inside. Interior dimensions of 24 x 24 inches are ideal. Large entry holes allow easy access.

4. Multi-Cat Trees to Share

If you have multiple extra large cats, look for a spacious multi-cat tree with ample lounging space and scratching posts. This allows them to play together without competing for space.

5. Sturdy Cat Trees with Thick Base

A thick, heavy base provides stability and prevents tipping or wobbling. Low centers of gravity and wide pedestal-style bases are great for large kitties. Wood or MDF bases work well.

6. Hanging Cat Beds and Hammocks

Hanging cat beds suspended from cat trees support your big cat while removing pressure from the tree itself. Make sure to choose hanging beds rated for at least 50 pounds.

7. Outdoor Cat Trees

Let your large cats enjoy fresh air while staying safe with an enclosed outdoor catio or cat patio. Look for waterproof, fade-resistant outdoor cat trees and climbing systems.

8. DIY Cat Trees Built to Size

If you’re handy, you can build a custom cat tree suited perfectly to your cat’s proportions. Use thick posts and beams, oversized platforms, and sturdy joinery.

9. Cat Trees with Ramps Between Levels

Rather than ladders between platforms, look for cat trees with wide ramps or stairways. Ramps allow easier climbing for less agile plus-sized cats.

10. Cat Trees with Oversized Wall Perches

Mounted cat perches that attach to the wall provide lounging and scratching space while supporting your cat’s weight on sturdy wall studs rather than the furniture itself.

Shopping Tips for Cat Trees for Big Cats

  • If buying online, carefully check all product dimensions and weight limits.

  • Look for cat trees with a minimum 4.5-5 star review average from other owners of large cats.

  • Seek out cat trees made from CARB-compliant wood products to ensure structural integrity.

  • Pick neutral color options to avoid clashing with your existing decor.

  • Measure window widths if considering a window-mounted cat perch.

  • Examine photos closely to ensure the cat tree looks well-made and stable.

  • Seek out reputable brands known for quality and durability.

  • Consider your cat’s mobility – does a ramp design work better than ladders?

With a little extra research and measurement-checking, you’re sure to find the ideal cat tree that provides safety, comfort, and hours of entertainment for your extra large feline friend. Get ready to see them lounging like a king or queen on their new cat furniture throne!

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The product is of good quality and sturdy. I’m patiently waiting for the girls to warm up to it. Stephanie Allen.


Purchased the Cat Mansion for my 81 year old Mom who just got a rescue kitten. She hasn’t had a cat in the house for over 50+ years…we had a dog growing up. She is in love with her kitten and the new cat tree. Even though the boxes were heavy, the tree was very simple to put together and well-made. Her kitten started exploring right away. Highly recommend. Melissa B.

Our Maine Coon LOVES BOTH of our Cat Tree King trees!! We just added the Corner Cat XXL to our office at the front of our house, so now my coworker has more places to sleep!! It’s great quality and very sturdy. this is our 2nd tree and Im super picky about quality! Very easy to follow the instructions. Shauna Leonard.

Cat trees are usually ugly, even though they’re meant for cats and kittens. The Cat Tree King Royalty Retreat Blackline Dark Grey cat tree changes that. The cat tree looks good in my house and fits in well with the decor. It should also be fun for my cats to play on. I think this cat tree is a winner all around. It is also solidly built/sturdy and was also easy to put together, which is an added bonus. Shannon M.

This thing is built to last. I am very impressed with the heft and quality. Every other cat tree is wobbly and feels like it was built to the disposable. The fabric is very soft and the poles are constructed very well. Im very pleased so far. So are the cats. Anonymous.

Easy to setup, high quality

Our Maine Coon loves it. Hes a big cat and needs a big tree, this was perfect. Easy to setup, quality construction. Can even remove one of the pillar pieces to drop the height if you want. Jeremy McFarland.

Royalty Retreat Blackline Dark Grey Eileen Fondel

This is our third Cat Tree King product. Our Maine Coon loves it. Michael Sterzer

Wonderful! We love it! Marci Jasso

We are long-time customers. It was time to replace our 12-year-old tall tower, and this corner piece was just the right size and has two buckets. Plus, its super cute. Jenn.

It’s big, wonderful & my cats love it. We call them “Turkey bowls,” and they’re really big! And before I could finish putting them together, my cat found Also, my cats didn’t use the scratch poles on the other ones because they were too long. Very nice quality thus far, we’ll see how it lasts. They both love it! Holly B.

Best cat tree ever. Both cats love it. Carma Sivils

I dont typically write reviews but this cat tree exceeded my expectations. It’s hard for me to find a cat tree in a regular store because my cats don’t use every part of the tree, even though they can be cute. Or they cant because theyre big. My cats are obsessed with this tree and used it right away. They never leave it! Cat Tree King is now by go to for anything for my babies. Ashley Lovejoy.

Easy assembly and the cats love it

We really like this tree. Put together under 30 minutes with supplied tools. Feels sturdy and looks very nice. Matt Jett.

You’re simply not going to find this kind of quality in any store bought product. The size and build quality make this a commanding piece in your living space. Excellent quality. Bluto Blumpkin.

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Top 5 Best Cat Trees (We Tried Them All)


Do cats prefer tall cat trees?

Structures known as ‘cat trees’ come in various sizes and shapes and are great additions to your home to keep your furry feline happy. Cats love to be up high where they have a great view of everything going on in the home.

Do older cats use cat trees?

Senior cats like this cardboard cat tree with scratching pads because it’s easy to get from level to level. The combination of traction from the scratcher floors and the balcony-style levels seems to give them a sense of security.

How tall should a cat tree be for an adult cat?

Adequate height: Cat trees should be tall enough for cats to get an enriched vantage point, usually at least 3-6 feet high. Multiple perches: Look for several platforms, perches, baskets and hammocks at varying heights for climbing and lounging.

Will a cat use a cat tree from another cat?

It all depends on their personality, whether they are spayed or neutered, and how long it’s been since the used cat tree has been exposed to another animal. So, it’s worth trying to bring a used cat tree into your home to see how your own feline reacts to it, especially if the tree was obtained free or inexpensively.

What is a prestige cat tree for big cats?

Looking for specific info? Prestige Cat Trees Extra Large Cat Tower for Big Cats is a purrfect choice if you are looking for a super-sized, sturdy, stable and spacious cat perch for your Extra large, big cats, or multiple cats to play, climb, sleep, scratch and relax the day away.

What is the best cat tree for large cats?

Go Pet’s Club’s 45-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree gives cats several places to lounge and ways to entertain themselves. It’s the best cat tree for large cats for the money due to its affordable price and extra features. The compact tree features a perch, five scratching posts, and a condo for cats to hide in.

Which cat tree is best for a multi-cat home?

Large cat trees also usually provide more perches, which is ideal for multi-cat homes. However, consider your cat’s age and ability to jump before choosing a large or extra-large cat tree. Cat trees for large cats with mobility issues should usually be shorter for optimal safety and ease.

How do you choose a large cat tree?

Large cat trees should have multiple levels for variety, comfort and stimulation. Choose a large cat tree with at least two or three levels, or more if you have multiple cats or a kitty who loves to climb. The best cat trees for large cats will have roomy platforms, a variety of perch and play spots, and a sturdy base for safety.

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