Add Beauty and Fragrance to Your Garden with Climbing Rose Seeds

Climbing roses are a gorgeous way to add vertical interest and tantalizing fragrance to any garden. Their vining growth habit allows them to scale walls, trellises, arbors, fences, and more, adding height and drama. If you’re looking to grow these stunning bloomers yourself, climbing rose seeds are an easy and affordable option. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of growing roses from seeds, tips for success, and where to find climbing rose seeds for sale.

Why Grow Climbing Roses from Seed?

Starting climbing roses from seeds offers several advantages over buying potted plants

  • Lower cost. Purchasing a packet of seeds is significantly cheaper than buying mature rose bushes. This makes it feasible to grow more varieties.

  • Wider selection You’ll find a much greater diversity of climbing rose cultivars available as seeds Mail-order nurseries may only offer a handful of the most popular varieties,

  • Stronger plants. Roses grown from seed develop robust root systems and are well-adapted to your local conditions. Container-grown roses often have poorly developed roots.

  • Fun for gardeners. Watching those first seedlings emerge and grow into beautiful vines is incredibly rewarding for avid gardeners.

  • Sustainable. Eco-conscious gardeners appreciate that growing from seeds doesn’t require the plastic pots and packaging material that accompanies container plants.

Of course, there are some trade-offs as well. Establishing roses from seeds takes more time, care, and patience than buying mature plants. But for many gardeners, the payoff is well worth the extra effort.

Tips for Successfully Growing Climbing Roses from Seeds

Getting climbing rose seeds to germinate and produce healthy seedlings does take some skill. Follow these tips to improve your chances of success:

  • Start with high-quality seeds. Reputable suppliers will note the year harvested and percent germination rate. Only buy freshly harvested seeds.

  • Stratify the seeds first. Place seeds in moist potting mix in the refrigerator for 6-12 weeks before planting. This cold moist period mimics winter dormancy and helps speed germination.

  • Sow indoors. Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last spring frost date. Use deep pots or cell packs withSeed starting mix. Cover seeds lightly with 1⁄4 inch of mix.

  • Bottom heat helps. Maintain a soil temperature of 65-70°F to encourage faster germination. Use a heat mat or grow lights.

  • Transplant promptly. Move seedlings to larger containers as soon as their second set of true leaves emerge. Harden off before transplanting outdoors.

  • Water and fertilize. Consistent moisture and regular feeding is crucial while plants are young. A dilute liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks works well.

  • Provide support early. Install trellises, fences, etc. before vines get large and unwieldy. Guiding them as they grow will keep plants tidy.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be rewarded with vigorous, thriving climbing rose vines grown right in your own garden. Let’s look at some of the best places to find seeds for sale.

Where to Buy Climbing Rose Seeds Online

Several reputable online seed companies offer climbing rose seeds for sale. Here are some top options:


Burpee is a household name in gardening, providing seeds and plants for home gardeners since 1876. Their selection includes bush and climbing roses representing a diverse mix of colors, forms, and fragrances.

  • Over 75 rose seed varieties
  • Shop by color, height, bloom time, and more
  • Includes newer introductions and heirloom favorites
  • Detailed growing instructions provided
  • Bulk discounts available

Eden Brothers

Family-owned Eden Brothers offers a wide array of flower seeds, including some unique and rare varieties.

  • 35+ climbing rose seed varieties
  • Categorized by color, height, and type
  • Filters to find fragrant and thornless types
  • Germination rates shown
  • Bulk discounts at higher quantities

Territorial Seed Company

Territorial is employee-owned and specializes in varieties suited for cooler climates.

  • Dozens of climbing roses for zones 3-10
  • Shop by color, type, height, and bloom time
  • Details harvesting times and fragrance
  • Includes tips on getting the best germination
  • Organic seeds available

RH Shumway

Shumway’s has supplied seeds to home gardeners since 1853. Their diverse rose selection includes both modern and old-fashioned types.

  • Over 50 climbing rose seed varieties
  • Ships large 1⁄4 lb. packets
  • Color-coded by height and type
  • Includes monthly bloom time details
  • Zone map guides regional choices

Nature Hills Nursery

In addition to plants and supplies, Nature Hills sells seeds for perennial flowers and herbs.

  • Just over a dozen climbing rose seed varieties
  • Highlights award winners
  • Use filters to find fragrant and disease-resistant choices
  • Helpful growing guide included
  • Free shipping on orders over $99

This is just a sampling of the many retailers offering climbing rose seeds for sale online. Compare selection, pricing, and growing details to find your perfect varieties.

How to Shop for Climbing Rose Seeds

With so many options, it can be tricky to decide which climbing rose seeds to buy. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider your climate. Look for varieties suited for your USDA hardiness zone. Heat and humidity tolerance is key in warm regions.

  • Choose the right height. Make sure mature height works for your site. Compact 4-6 feet vines are good for smaller spaces.

  • Factor in bloom time. To extend the season, plant both early and late-blooming varieties.

  • Decide on fragrance. Fragrance is subjective—review descriptions to find roses with scents you’ll enjoy.

  • Evaluate flower form. Choose from simple, classic forms or showy, double blooms.

  • Assess color. Go for harmonious colors or bold contrasts. A mix of hues creates interest.

  • Read up on care. Consider growth rate, pruning needs, and disease resistance.

With the right selection and care techniques, it’s easy to enjoy beautiful climbing roses grown from your own garden-grown seeds. It’s a fun, thrifty way to explore the virtually endless variety of these iconic flowers. The vertical beauty and intoxicating fragrance of climbing roses can transform walls, fences, arbors, and more into breathtaking garden features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Roses

If you’re new to growing climbing roses, you probably have lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the most common queries.

How long do climbing rose seeds take to germinate?

With proper stratification (cold treatment), expect climbing rose seeds to sprout in 4-6 weeks. Germination may take up to 12 weeks without stratifying first.

When is the best time to plant climbing rose seeds?

Start seeds indoors in late winter or early spring, about 6-8 weeks before your average last spring frost. Move seedlings outdoors after hardening off.

How do you stratify rose seeds?

Mix seeds with damp potting soil and refrigerate for 6-12 weeks before planting. Maintain cold but not freezing temperatures.

What is the best way to grow climbing roses?

Provide full sun, fertile soil, consistent moisture, and install support structures early. Prune lightly in early spring. Feed with balanced fertilizer.

Are climbing roses hard to grow?

They require more initial care than shrub roses but are not difficult once established. Ensure proper support, water, and nutrients.

Do climbing roses flower all summer?

Most bloom heaviest in late spring to early summer, with some repeat flowering into fall. Plant both early and late bloomers for extended color.

With the beautiful selection of climbing rose seeds available today, you’re sure to find varieties that are perfectly suited to your garden. A bit of patience and care will reward you with vigorous vines covered in elegant blooms. Escape to your own fragrant bower as climbing roses transform your vertical spaces into truly inspiring garden features.

What should I do if the seeds do not germinate?

Upon receiving your order, we encourage you to contact our support team for assistance. We are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance. If your seeds do not germinate, we will proceed with a refund. It’s important to know that we will only issue a refund if the seeds don’t grow after following the instructions we give you. We cannot take responsibility otherwise. When a chargeback is raised by one party, we strongly disagree with it because it has a big effect on how our business works. Please refer to our refund policy here for further details.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to ensuring a positive experience for all our customers. Should you encounter any issues or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@seedsconnect. org.

Thank you for choosing Seeds Connect.

I’ve never grown plants from seeds before. Can I do it?

Yes, and here at Seedsconnect, we want to make your journey into the world of seed planting easy and fun, even if you have never planted seeds before.

Think of our seeds as “super seeds” carefully selected for their high germination rates and easy care. The process of growing plants is very easy because we give you clear, detailed instructions that walk you through each step. Planting can be a fun new experience that lets you connect with nature and make your living space more green.

With Seeds Connect, planting is truly a simple and delightful experience. All of our seed varieties are well-known and widely used, and it’s easy to find specific gardening tips on YouTube or other websites that cater to your preferred style. Embracing the joy of gardening with Seeds Connect is as easy as can be!.

Let us start our planting journey with Seeds Connect and enjoy the joy of making your surroundings greener and more lush.

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