Keeping Your Lawn Weed-Free and Dog-Safe: The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Weed Killers for Lawns

Dogs enjoy frolicking in yards and rolling around in grass. It’s what they do. Having a weed killer that is safe for pets is very important if you want to keep your lawn in great shape.

The chemicals used in most weed killers and lawn treatments can be bad for our pets. I know this from personal experience.

A few years ago, my spouse and I took a vacation to Maine that allowed pets. While our Cocker Spaniel was playing on the bed and breakfast’s lush, green lawn, he had an event. Our dog Brandy began vomiting and developed a prickly red rash across her stomach. When I called a pet poison helpline, they told me that she probably had chemical exposure and that I should take her to the vet. She received IV fluids, a bath, a blood panel, and ointment for her chemical burns. It turns out the property had used a chemical weed killer a few days before our arrival.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to tell other pet owners about how dangerous some weed killers are for pets and why they should use pet-safe alternatives instead.

As a dog owner, keeping your lawn lush, green, and weed-free can be a challenge. You want your lawn to look its best, but you also need to make sure any weed killers you use are safe for your furry friends. The good news is there are several effective yet dog-safe weed killing options available both online and in stores.

In this article we’ll cover the top 5 pet-friendly weed killers recommended by lawn care experts and veterinarians. We’ll outline how each organic-based weed killer works to target weeds without endangering your pets. We’ll also provide tips on how to apply these dog-safe products for maximum results.

Understanding Dog-Safe Weed Killer Ingredients

The key to finding a dog-safe weed killer is looking for natural, non-toxic ingredients. Here are some of the most common organic ingredients found in pet-friendly weed killers:

  • Vinegar Higher concentrations of vinegar work to burn and dehydrate weed leaves Vinegar breaks down quickly and won’t leave lingering chemicals

  • Citric acid: Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid damages weed cell walls and foliage. It’s biodegradable and safe around pets.

  • Fatty acids: Naturally occurring fatty acids like pelargonic acid disrupt weed growth but won’t irritate skin or be toxic if ingested.

  • Iron HEDTA: This chelated iron supplement stresses and destroys weeds. Iron HEDTA has low toxicity levels for mammals.

  • Clove oil: The primary active ingredient in clove oil, eugenol, is an effective natural herbicide. Clove oil is safe for dogs at herbicide concentrations.

Always read labels thoroughly and consult your veterinarian if unsure about the safety of a weed killer’s ingredients. Now let’s look at the top 5 pet-friendly options on the market.

1. ECO Living Solutions Organic Weed and Grass Killer

ECO Living Solutions Organic Weed and Grass Killer relies on vinegar as its primary active ingredient to eliminate weeds in flower beds, patios, walkways, and driveways. With 20% vinegar, this dog-safe weed killer is strong enough to kill weeds down to the root.

The fast-acting formula begins working immediately on contact to disrupt weed growth. Weeds start turning brown and wilting within hours. The concentrated vinegar breaks down quickly once dried and is safe for pets once the application has settled into the soil.

This natural weed killer won’t harm lawns or ornamental plants when applied directly to weeds. The easy-to-use bottle has an adjustable nozzle to target spray weeds.

Key Features:

  • 20% vinegar weed killer solution
  • Pet, lawn, and plant safe
  • Works in 3-6 hours
  • Concentrated formula covers up to 1000 sq ft
  • Adjustable spray nozzle

2. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

As another vinegar-based weed killer, Green Gobbler is a safe solution for eliminating weeds without endangering your pets. Their concentrated 20% vinegar formula provides effective and fast-acting results. Weeds begin dying within hours of application.

What makes Green Gobbler stand out is the addition of citric acid sourced from lemons. The citric acid enhances the herbicidal effects of the vinegar. This one-two punch of vinegar and citric acid gives you powerful weed control that’s non-toxic for dogs.

Green Gobbler works on contact with weeds. Simply spray or pour directly on unwanted weeds in your lawn, garden, driveway and patio. The product is rainproof once dry to provide lasting weed prevention. Like other vinegar solutions, it can be safely applied around pets.

Key Features:

  • 20% vinegar + citric acid
  • Visible results as fast as 3 hours
  • Kills weeds down to the roots
  • Rainproof formula
  • Can use around pets once dried

3. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer utilizes a unique combo of acetic acid, pelargonic acid, and citric acid to destroy weeds. This trio of active ingredients provides a potent weed killing blend that’s plant-based and non-toxic.

Pelargonic acid penetrates weed foliage and interrupts normal plant processes. Meanwhile, the acetic and citric acid dehydrate and burn weeds. Within hours, unwanted weeds shrivel and die. The formula is concentrated for spot treatment of weeds or large-scale lawn application using a tank sprayer.

An added benefit of Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer is the rust prevention properties from the chelated iron. The iron supplement further weakens and damages weeds. Once the organic ingredients have dried and settled into the soil, the area is safe for pets to access.

Key Features:

  • Multi-acid organic weed killer
  • Chelated iron for added weed stress
  • Results appear in as little as 3 hours
  • Broadleaf and grassy weed control
  • Pet-safe formula when used as directed

4. Natural Armor Weed & Grass Killer

Natural Armor delivers fast-acting and long-lasting weed control using natural fatty acids. The primary active ingredient, pelargonic acid, penetrates through weed leaves and deprives them of nutrients and hydration.

Within hours of spraying, weeds begin to wither and die back completely in 1-2 weeks. Natural Armor also prevents regrowth of weeds in the area for up to 4 months. When applied at full strength, it kills all types of weeds as well as unwanted grass.

The biodegradable formula is safe for people, pets, and the environment. It does not leave any chemical residue behind. Once the fatty acids have adhered to plant targets, the area is safe for dogs. Natural Armor is rainproof and UV stable for lasting weed prevention.

Key Features:

  • Pelargonic acid active ingredient
  • Visible effects as fast as 3 hours
  • Prevents weed regrowth for 4 months
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Won’t harm dogs once dried

5. BioSafe Weed Control Concentrate

BioSafe Weed Control Concentrate offers a unique ready-to-use formula containing clove oil for all-natural weed control. As an herbicide, clove oil damages cells and interferes with critical plant processes to stop weed growth.

Within hours of application, weeds begin yellowing and wilting. The formula is effective on a wide range of grassy and broadleaf weeds. For best results, apply BioSafe Weed Control Concentrate early in the weed growth stage.

The pet-friendly formula can be sprayed around established plants and lawns without damage. Once the clove oil concentrate has dried on target weeds, the area is safe for pets. The solution is rainfast and stable for long-term weed prevention.

Key Features:

  • Clove oil active ingredient
  • Damages weeds at a cellular level
  • Broad spectrum grass & weed control
  • Pet safe when used as directed
  • Convenient ready-to-use formula

Applying Dog-Safe Weed Killers for Best Results

When using pet-friendly weed killers, follow product labels closely to avoid any irritation or toxicity for your dog. Here are some general tips for application:

  • Spot treat weeds or do blanket applications when pets are not present. Keep dogs off treated areas until the solution has dried completely.

  • Target young, actively growing weeds for most effective results. Mature weeds may require repeat applications.

  • Spray weeds thoroughly, especially the leaves. Avoid runoff to keep pets away from excess product.

  • Reapply as needed for continued weed prevention and new growth. Most natural weed killers last 1-2 months.

  • Combine with manual weed pulling for severe infestations. Natural herbicides work best on smaller weed populations.

  • Avoid using near delicate plants and lawns unless labeled as safe. Vinegar-based weed killers can potentially damage other plants.

Keep Your Lawn Pristine and Pet-Safe

Controlling pesky weeds in your yard doesn’t mean exposing your beloved dog to harmful chemicals. There are many effective natural weed killers that use ingredients like vinegar, citric acid, fatty acids, and clove oil to eradicate weeds safely.

Hopefully this overview gives you a better idea of the best dog-safe weed killing options for your lawn care needs. Always check that a product is non-toxic for dogs before use and thoroughly follow label instructions. With a pet-friendly weed control plan in place, you can keep your landscape looking great and maintain a healthy outdoor space for your pup to play.

Our Top Pet Safe Weed Killer Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Vetstreet may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Roundup and Pets: Is it Safe?

dog safe weed killer for lawns

Roundup is a popular weed killer and lawn treatment, but its main ingredient is isopropylamine salt of glyphosate. Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup began selling the product in 1974. In 2015, the World Health Organization determined that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans. ”.

In 2019, a California couple won a $2 billion dollar lawsuit after they developed cancer linked to the use of Roundup weed killer. Although the judge cut the lawsuit to $86.7 million, the settlement was upheld.

Pets often lick their feet or fur while they are relaxing around the house. Dogs like to roll around on grass, and many cats go for walks on a leash where their paws touch grassy lawns. Any non-pet-friendly weed killers they encounter outside can be ingested into their bloodstream.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, pets that come in contact with wet glyphosate products may drool, have gastric upset, lose their appetites, or become sleepy—none of which are noted on the Roundup labeling or website.

Should you decide to use Roundup to kill weeds, keep your dog away from the area that has been treated. If you have any concerns, talk to your vet.

Non Toxic Human/Pet safe weed killer


How to get rid of weeds without killing grass safe for dogs?

Sprinkling cornmeal into cracks and crevices will control weeds in hard-to-reach places. No need to pull them up anymore, just put some cornmeal into the cracks, and the weeds will soon be gone. Another way to kill weeds immediately is to douse them with boiling water.

Is there a weed killer safe for grass and pets?

However, if this is not a plausible choice for you or you prefer a quicker solution, some types of pet-safe weed killer include: Bonide BurnOut Fast-Acting Weed and Grass Killer: This weed killer is a good choice because it contains few ingredients, all of which are considered safe for pets when used as directed.

Does white vinegar kill grass?

Vinegar is non-selective, meaning it will damage any plants and turf grass it touches, not just the weeds you are trying to kill.

What kills weeds permanently naturally but not grass?

A solution of vinegar, salt and dish soap can be a cheap and effective tool against weeds. Even in the best of plots, weeds will grow. And why wouldn’t they? You’ve provided inviting soil and the sun shines on even the most reviled plant.

Is weed killer Safe for dogs?

Non-Toxic Ingredients: Ensure that the pet safe weed killer is free of harmful chemicals such as glyphosate, 2,4-D, and dicamba, which can potentially cause serious health issues in dogs. Look for natural ingredients like acetic acid (vinegar), citric acid, or a concentration of sodium or potassium salts.

What is the best weed killer for dogs?

#1 Dr. Kirchner Natural Weed Killer [Best Overall Pet-Safe Weed Killer] — Made with strong vinegar, soap, and salt, this glyphosate-free weed killer is effective, easy to use, and safe for four-footers.

What is the best weed preventer for dogs?

Best Dog Safe Weed Preventer Doubling as weed prevention and lawn food, this product from Espoma is all-natural. It features a corn gluten meal which offers a natural way to stop seeds from germinating. Spread the product on your lawn to feed the grass and keep weeds away. As an organic product, this formula is safe for pets and children.

Is natural armor weed killer Safe for dogs?

Best Affordable Dog Safe Weed Killer Containing 30% vinegar, this home and garden product from Natural Armor works as a household cleaner, a deodorizer, and a weed killer. The formula is safe for pets and the environment when used according to the direction s.

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