how to harvest little gem lettuce

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In general, lettuce likes cool weather and will flower earlier in hot weather. This lettuce can handle the heat better. To grow early head lettuce, start seeds indoors on March 1 at 68°. Cover the seeds flat with a dome and let them get light. Sow lettuce seeds outside anytime between 3/27 – 6/30. You can plant lettuce seeds from July 1st to August 8th, but they won’t grow if the soil is over 80°. To keep the seeds cool and moist, cover them with row cover fabric. Lettuce seeds need light to grow. Place the seeds on top of the soil and gently press them down with your hand. Keep seeds constantly moist until germination. Days to germination: 2-14 days. Space head lettuce 6. 5” apart. For baby lettuce broadcast sow seeds.

Baby Leaves: Cut the whole plant off with scissors 1″ above the soil when the leaves are 2 to 4 inches tall for cut-and-come-again. Be careful not to hurt the growing crown. Return for several harvests. Heads: Little Gem will make a small tight head (about 4” diameter). Harvest head at full size before it begins to bolt.

Lettuce is mostly self-pollinated and rarely crosses with other lettuces. Isolation distance: 12’. Minimum population size: 5-10 plants. Remove early bolting plants. If lettuce stems fall over, stake them. Harvest lettuce seeds as they begin to mature (they will form dandelion like white plumes on them). Harvest seeds by tapping stems to shake seeds into a bucket. It is best to harvest lettuce seed after several days of dry weather. Harvest seeds over several weeks.

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Are little gem lettuce cut and come again?

Lettuce is fairly easy to grow in containers, either individually or as a cut-and-come-again crop. Little Gems will do well when grown singly in individual containers, or in groups (space them 6″ apart) in larger containers. Put them in a cool place and keep them well watered.

How to tell when little gem lettuce is ready to harvest?

The lettuce will be ready as soon as a firm heart has formed, you can test to see if they ready for harvesting by gently squeezing the top of the plant. Pull the whole plant from the ground and then cut off the root and lower leaves.

How do you harvest little gem lettuce?

To harvest Little Gem lettuce heads, use a sharp knife or shears to cut the heads off at the base. Be careful not to damage any surrounding leaves or the growing point at the center of the plant. Immediately after harvesting, rinse the heads under cool water to remove any dirt or debris.

What is baby gem lettuce?

2.**Characteristics**: – Little Gem is a cross between romaine and butter lettuce. – It combines the soft, sweet notes of butter lettuce with the crisp and fresh qualities of romaine. – The appearance

When should you harvest little gem lettuce?

It is advisable to harvest lettuce just before it is mature. The leaves are tender when they’re young. Before maturity, you can harvest leaf lettuce by removing outer leaves and exposing the inner leaves. What does little gem lettuce look like? The Little Gem lettuce is small.

How do you grow little gem lettuce?

Straw or other organic materials can be used as mulch to help retain moisture and control weed growth. Little gem lettuce is ready for harvest when the inner head forms tight leaves around it. Cut off the entire head at the base using a sharp knife; leaving some stems on the roots encourages new growth.

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