Elevate Your Gardening with Northern Tool’s Durable Raised Beds

For accessible, lush gardens raised beds are the way to go. The elevated design reduces bending and kneeling while creating loose healthy soil. Northern Tool offers a versatile selection of raised garden beds to grow bountiful flowers and veggies.

In this guide, we’ll highlight key features of Northern Tool’s raised planter boxes. Keep reading for tips on:

  • Benefits of Their Raised Beds
  • Top Materials and Styles
  • Assembly and Installation
  • Caring for Your Raised Bed
  • Best Plants for Raised Gardens

With the right raised bed from Northern Tool you can cultivate thriving container gardens on patios decks, or yards. Time to start growing!

Why Choose Northern Tool for Raised Garden Beds?

Known for durable equipment and tools, Northern Tool brings that same quality to their garden products. Reasons to consider their raised beds include:

  • Heavy-duty steel, cedar, pine, and poly construction
  • Tall heights reduce need for bending and kneeling
  • Completely enclosed sides improve soil consistency
  • Reinforced corners prevent loosening over time
  • Optional caster wheels for mobility
  • Made in the USA for high standards
  • Budget-friendly prices for value

Northern Tool beds are built to last and make gardening simple Take advantage of the quality and selection

Top Materials for Northern Tool Raised Beds

Northern Tool offers raised beds in various materials to suit needs:

Galvanized Steel

With interlocking panels and a corrosion-resistant galvanized coating, steel raised beds provide incredible durability with minimal maintenance required. Enjoy decades of use.

Cedar Wood

Western red cedar is known for not rotting naturally, and it can be used to make beautiful raised beds with a rustic look. Stain or seal annually to maximize cedar’s longevity.

Pine Wood

For an economical wood option, rough-sawn pine offers an authentic, country-style look. Pine is lightweight and accepts stains well. Use wood preservative to prevent early decay.

Polyethylene (Poly)

Made from thick, 100% recycled polyethylene, poly raised beds are maintenance-free and will never crack, warp, or fade. Poly’s wood-like look suits any landscape.

Popular Northern Tool Raised Garden Bed Styles

Consider these versatile raised bed designs from Northern Tool:

Modular Raised Beds

With interlocking panels, modular beds from Northern Tool make expanding your garden simple. Add more sections to enlarge beds over time. No tools needed for assembly.

Elevated Cedar Beds

Beautiful cedar harvest boxes come pre-assembled and ready for growing. Just set in place and fill with soil. Handy built-in handles and optional caster wheels provide mobility.

Tiered Raised Beds

Maximize planting space with multi-level raised beds. Northern’s tiered steel and pine options feature up to three graduated rows for vertical gardening.

Raised Planter Boxes

Compact and versatile planter boxes crafted of poly or galvanized steel work perfectly on patios and decks. Enjoy homegrown herbs and greens anywhere.

Getting Your Northern Tool Raised Bed Ready to Use

Once assembled, follow these tips for installing and filling your raised bed:

  • Level the soil beneath the bed frame and ensure it sits flat on the ground.

  • Line the bottom of the bed with landscape fabric to block weeds. Add drainage rocks for improved aeration.

  • Frame beds with edging or bricks to prevent soil from washing out between panels or boards.

  • Fill most of the bed with a light potting mix amended with compost for nutrition.

  • Top off beds with 1-2 inches more compost or coconut coir to absorb water.

  • Water thoroughly before planting and allow the soil to settle. Top off again as needed.

With proper site preparation and high-quality soil, your plants will thrive in a Northern Tool raised bed. Time for the fun part – picking what to grow!

Best Plants for Northern Tool Raised Garden Beds

Thanks to nourishing soil and good drainage, raised beds enable you to grow a wide variety of plants successfully:

Vegetables: Lettuce, kale, carrots, beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, onions, radishes, beets, cucumbers

Herbs: Basil, parsley, oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, cilantro

Fruits: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

Flowers: Marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons, petunias, impatiens

Since raised beds warm up quicker in spring, you can get a jumpstart on the growing season for bountiful harvests sooner. Elevate your gardening success with a durable raised bed from Northern Tool!

Unlock Your Green Thumb with Northern Tool Raised Garden Beds

Raised gardens not only grow plants with ease, they beautify your outdoor space. Northern Tool’s selection of quality raised beds ensures you’ll enjoy your elevated garden for years of nutritious homegrown goodness.

Give your back relief and your plants optimum soil by gardening the raised bed way. Let Northern Tool and their commitment to value and reliability give your green thumb confidence. Happy growing!

Northern Tool Ironton Raised Garden Bed Review: 1 Year Later 12ft x 4ft x 1 ft Galvanized Planter


What should I put at the bottom of a raised garden bed?

Best Soil for Raised Garden Beds We recommend buying high-quality, nutrient-rich soil in bulk. Or, you can make a soil mix with equal parts topsoil, organic materials (leaves, composted manure, ground bark), and coarse sand.

What are the disadvantages of raised garden beds?

The cons of raised beds Use rot-resistant wood if you go with boards and figure even those eventually will have to be replaced. The soil mix also can be a significant, albeit one-time, expense. Raised beds need water more often since the soil is more exposed to air and dries quicker.

What type of raised garden bed is best?

Material: Metal and plastic beds are usually longer lasting than wood beds, and fabric beds are an affordable option some people prefer. Drainage system: A drainage system allows excess water to be released from containerized beds, helping prevent plant roots from rotting or developing fungus and bacteria.

What is the longest lasting raised garden bed material?

Concrete blocks or bricks: These building materials can be arranged to form the walls of your raised bed. They are safe, sturdy, and long-lasting. Stone: Natural stone can be a beautiful, durable, and safe choice for a raised bed. Galvanized steel: Galvanized steel is another option.

What size is a galvanized garden planter bed?

Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter Bed — 4ft. x 4ft. x 1ft. Ironton Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter, 12ft. x 4ft. Galvanized Steel Round Raised Garden Planter Bed — 4ft. x 12in. Did You Find What You Were Looking For? Our Galvanized Planter Beds are perfect for growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

What size is a garden planter bed?

This 6ft.L x 3ft.W Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter Bed is the perfect choice for growing your own flowers, vegetables, herbs and more. The 1

What size is a galvanized steel raised garden planter?

Ironton Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter, 4ft. x 4ft. Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter Bed — 4ft. x 4ft. x 1ft. Ironton Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planter, 12ft. x 4ft. Galvanized Steel Round Raised Garden Planter Bed — 4ft. x 12in. Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

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