8 Creative Ways to Upcycle Dead Rose Petals

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You are going to love these things to do with rose petals so they don’t go to waste!

Rose blooms are so beautiful, but they only last a day or two on your plant. If you cut them off and bring them inside, they might last another week in water. But then the petals wilt and die.

Even though it hurts me to see them die, those petals can be used for some really cool things before they fall off.

You can use these tips with any type of roses you have in your yard. I have climbing roses, knockout roses, and hybrid tea roses. Remember that you need to use hybrid tea roses or another type that has a good scent if you want to keep the scent. Many of these are okay if you use a rose without a scent through. This is just a little tip .

This recipe is so easy to make, and is the perfect thing for dried roses. Here is the recipe:

Steps: Put epsom salt in a jar. Then, break up the petals into small pieces and add them. Finally, add about 15 drops of rose essential oil. Combine well. Use a tablespoon or so per bath.

We shared this post several months ago. It is an easy and pretty recipe to utilize roses.

Roses are one of the most beloved flowers. Their velvety petals and sweet fragrance make them a popular choice for romantic gestures, special occasions, and gifts.

However, fresh cut roses don’t last forever. After 1-2 weeks, the flowers start to wilt and the petals fall off. This leaves many rose lovers wondering what to do with dead rose petals.

Just because your roses have dried up doesn’t mean they’ve outlived their use! There are many creative ways to upcycle dead rose petals to create new beautiful and meaningful items.

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1. Create a Wreath

Our first creative idea for your dried rose petals is to create a wreath. You can use a straw wreath base or bend flexible branches into a circle. Hot glue the dead petals in arrangement you desire. Add other dried flowers herbs or decorations to make it your own unique creation. Hang your rose petal wreath on the front door to greet guests with natural beauty.

2. Make Your Own Potpourri

Like wreaths, potpourri is another classic way to use up dead rose petals. The dried petals retain their sweet fragrance which makes them perfect for potpourri. To make your own custom potpourri blend layer the rose petals with other dried flowers and strongly scented herbs like lavender, mint, and rosemary in a glass jar or bowl. The mixture will smell lovely for months!

3. Create a Dried Flower Crown

A floral crown made with dead rose petals creates an earthy bohemian vibe perfect for festivals or photo shoots. Use a floral wire or vine as the base circle then wrap and glue dried petals and other flowers around it Weave in fresh greenery and baby’s breath to complete your rose petal flower crown

4. Press and Frame the Petals

Preserve the beauty of your dried rose petals forever by pressing and framing them. Place the petals between parchment paper. Put heavy books on top to flatten them for 1-2 weeks. Then display your pressed rose petals in a picture frame, shadow box, or glass jewelry tray. This makes a meaningful sentimental gift.

5. Make a Rose Perfume

The lovely scent of roses lingers even after the petals have dried. Capture this fragrance by making your own rose petal perfume at home. Place a cup of dried petals in a mason jar and top with 2 cups vodka. Let the mixture infuse for 2-6 weeks, then strain the liquid into a spray bottle or perfume vial. Spritz on pulse points for an alluring natural rose scent.

6. Make a Dried Flower Bouquet

You can give new life to your dead roses by making them into a dried flower bouquet. Cut the rose stems and tie them together with jute twine or ribbon. Mix in baby’s breath, eucalyptus, grasses or ferns. Display your dried bouquet in a vase or hang it upside down. The preserved roses will look pretty for years.

7. Add Them to Your Bathwater

Treat yourself to a relaxing rose petal bath by adding dried or fresh petals to your bathwater. The rose petals not only provide a beautiful pop of color, they also give skin-soothing and fragrant benefits. Simply scatter 2 cups of petals into the running bath water and let yourself soak. The water will be lightly scented with the heavenly aroma of roses.

8. Create a Romantic Setting

Finally, one of the best ways to use dried rose petals is creating a romantic setting. Toss them across your bed, float them in a candlelit bath for two, or sprinkle them over a romantic dinner table for an atmosphere of love. The dried petals add a delicate beauty while still emitting their seductive floral scent.

So before you relegate those dead rose petals to the compost heap, consider these creative ideas to transform them into meaningful new items or decor. With a bit imagination, the possibilities are endless for upcycling dried rose petals into gifts and decor all can enjoy.

Try Cooking With Them!

Rose petals are edible and can be used in many different types of cooking. Here is post with some ideas on using them for food, garnishes, and more.

Create a Rose Water Spray

One of my favorite recipes to make is our DIY rose water spray. Not only does this smell wonderful, but it is also really great for your skin. Using leftover fresh rose petals makes this even more special.

DIY Dried Rose Hair and Skin Products | DIY Rose Infused Oil for Skin | DIY Rose Series


Can you do anything with dead rose petals?

Dried rose petals can also be used to make fascinating aroma candles. You can even add some drops of rose oil to enhance the scent when the candles are burning. Surely, aroma candles would make an excellent gift for any occasion.

Can you use dead rose petals for rose water?

Can I use dried petals? You can use dried rose petals but fresh petals will produce the best results and most fragrant rose water.

What can you do with dried rose petals?

Use the dried petals to create a romantic and fun evening for your special someone. Simply have the rose petals lead them along a trail to the bedroom or decorate the bathtub with them. Add a few candles for that extra ambiance. This is another idea that you can tweak and make personal to you and your loved one.

What can you do with dried roses after they die?

Strain the mixture and store the liquid in a spritz bottle. Use it as a facial toner or body spray. Potpourri is another great way to enjoy the scent of roses long after they’ve died. Simply mix dried rose petals with other dried flowers, herbs, and spices. Add a few drops of essential oil if desired.

How do you repurpose Dead Roses?

One of the most popular ways to repurpose dead roses is to create crafts with the petals. Rose petal paper is a project that requires very little effort and can be used for a variety of purposes, from making greeting cards to adding a special touch to gift-wrapping.

How do you keep rose petals alive?

This is a great way to keep the beauty of the roses alive, as you can keep them in a decorative bowl or jar and the scent will linger in the air. Additionally, the petals can be dried and used in various crafts, such as making rose petal paper.

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