The Best Places to Buy Air Plants Online and In Person

Air plants also known as tillandsia have become increasingly popular over recent years. Their sculptural shapes and minimal care requirements make them perfect for modern, urban living. But where are the best places to buy these trendy plants? Read on for tips on where to find a great selection of air plants both online and in your local area.

Buying Air Plants Online

Purchasing air plants online opens up a world of options that may not be available locally. Reputable online sellers offer variety, wholesale pricing, and quick shipping right to your door. Here are some of the top online retailers to buy air plants:

Air Plant Supply Co.

This family-owned business offers one of the largest selections of air plants online with over 200 varieties. Their nursery-grown plants come in all shapes and sizes from tiny ionantha to giant xerographica specimens.

Air Plant Supply Co. is known for premium quality, proper species identification, and beautiful, mature plants. They also offer wholesale pricing and free shipping over $75. This is one of the best places to buy air plants online.

Shop Air Plant Supply Co

Air Plant City

Another excellent choice for buying air plants online is Air Plant City. They have been providing mail order air plants for over 15 years and source from sustainable greenhouses worldwide.

Air Plant City has a wide variety of tillandsia for retail and wholesale. You can shop by size, price point, or specific varieties. Weekly sales and specials offer great discounts. Free shipping is also available on orders over $75.

Shop Air Plant City.


The online marketplace Etsy hosts many small shops selling air plants. Browsing Etsy allows you to find rare, exotic varieties that can be hard to source elsewhere. Many sellers also offer air plant displays and creative arrangements.

However, quality can be hit or miss when buying through individual Etsy sellers. Be sure to check shop reviews and plant policies before purchasing. But with some digging, you can find great air plants at reasonable prices on Etsy.


Searching for air plants on Amazon yields thousands of results. For easy one-stop shopping and fast shipping with Prime, Amazon carries a decent range of common air plant varieties.

Prices are very affordable. Just pay close attention to quality, as mass-produced plants from unknown sources carry some risk. Read reviews and inspect plants upon arrival. But when handled with care, Amazon can be a convenient place to buy air plants online.

Buying Locally

Finding air plants at local stores gives you the advantage of hand-selecting the perfect specimens. While selection is limited, quality can be top-notch when sourcing plants locally. Here are some places to check out in your area:

Independent Plant Nurseries

Many independent plant nurseries and garden centers now carry a selection of air plants. The benefit of shopping small nurseries is you can carefully choose mature, healthy plants and sometimes find rare varieties.

Chat with staff to learn care tips and the story behind their air plant inventory. The downside is stock can be limited based on what wholesalers supply.

Flower Shops

Walk into any upscale florist, and you’re likely to find air plants incorporated into floral displays. Many flower shops now sell individual air plants to capitalize on their popularity.

While the selection is usually small, flower shops often get shipments of the newest, trendiest varieties. You may find unique air plants perfect for gifting or adding to an arrangement.

Home Décor Boutiques

Home décor and gift boutiques frequently carry air plants to complement their inventory. These retailers typically source a variety of common tillandsia like xerographica, ionantha, and bulbosa that pair nicely with decor.

Selection can be limited to just a few signature varieties, but occasionally a boutique owner will special order more rare finds. Prices may be marked up higher than other sources too.

Craft Stores

Big craft retailers like Michaels and JOANN Fabrics now stock air plants alongside faux plants and floral supplies. These inexpensive plants are great for crafty projects or terrarium building.

While craft store air plants may not be the most impressive, the convenience and affordability make them an option for beginners. Take care not to overwater these mass-produced plants.

Big Box Stores

Even general retailers like Target and Walmart have jumped on the air plant bandwagon. Their garden centers typically carry a few air plant varieties mixed in with the rest of the houseplants.

As with craft stores, the plants found at big box stores are inexpensive but mass-produced. Give them a thorough inspection for pests or damage before purchasing. But they can be an easy grab for last-minute gifting or décor.

What to Look for When Buying Air Plants

To find the highest quality air plants, keep these tips in mind when shopping:

  • Seek out mature plants with well-established root systems (these are key for plant health!)

  • Look for vibrant green leaves with no brown tips or spots

  • Select plants free of debris, damage, pests, or rot

  • Opt for sellers who specify species and source locale if possible

  • For mounted plants, check that attachments are clean and secure

  • Compare prices and shipping costs if buying online

By carefully choosing healthy air plants and reputable sellers, you’ll be sure to get specimens that thrive in your home for years to come.

Caring for Your New Air Plants

Once you’ve selected some fabulous new air plants, be sure to get them off to the right start in your home. Here are some tips for air plant care:

  • Allow plants a few days to acclimate to your environment before watering

  • Soak weekly for 30 mins to 2 hours by submerging or misting well

  • Provide bright, indirect light – a few hours of sun is beneficial

  • Keep away from heat vents or drafty areas

  • Occasionally fertilize by soaking in diluted liquid fertilizer

  • Shake off any excess water to allow rapid drying

  • Monitor for signs of distress like changes in color

  • Dust leaves occasionally and remove dead foliage

  • Repot in orchid mix every 2-3 years for added nutrients

With the proper care, your new air plants from any source can stay healthy and thrive for many years.

The increasing popularity of air plants means you now have more options than ever for where to buy these exotic beauties. Take advantage of our tips for sourcing from online specialty growers, local plant shops, and major retailers.

With such a diversity of places to shop, you’re sure to find amazing air plants to bring into your home or give as gifts. Just provide a little basic care, and you’ll be rewarded with their unique beauty and resilience.

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Where can I find air plant house plants?

Find Air Plant house plants at Lowe’s today. Shop house plants and a variety of lawn & garden products online at

Are air plants easy to buy?

We make buying air plants easy even for beginners with our Air Plant Starter Packs that include a unique collection or air plants in variety of shape, sizes and textures. We even include an 8oz fertilizer bottle to keep your plants looking happy!

Who is air plant shop?

Air Plant Shop specializes in Tillandsia air plants, terrariums, botanical branch arrangements, wedding and event favors. All orders are hand-selected and shipped by our team in St. Augustine, Florida. Shop with confidence as our plants are protected by our 30 Day Health & Quality Guarantee. The latest arrivals from our farms.

What is an air plant?

They are perfect for terrariums, cages, and glass containers with holes or gaps that allow for plenty of air flow. What separates air plants from other plants are their leaves, which have adapted to absorb water and nutrients from the air. This means that air plants like tillandsias are free from many of the limitations that other plants have.

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