Where to Buy the Unique and Useful Lamb’s Ears Plant

With their velvety, silver-grey foliage, lamb’s ears are a must-have perennial for many gardens. This soft, fuzzy plant has intriguing texture and forms, as well as practical uses. Lamb’s ears thrive in a wide range of climates and soils, making them a versatile choice for different regions. Their low maintenance yet showy nature explains their enduring popularity. But where exactly can you buy these delightful plants? Luckily, lamb’s ears are readily available from a variety of sources.

What is Lamb’s Ears?

First, let’s cover the basics. Lamb’s ears (Stachys byzantina) is a perennial plant in the mint family, native to Turkey, Armenia, and Iran. Its leaves are covered in dense, wooly hairs, resembling lambs’ ears, hence the name. Flowers are less showy, with short spikes of small purple blooms. Lamb’s ears spread by rhizomes to form clumps and mats. They are adaptable and undemanding, tolerating poor soil, drought, humidity, and coastal exposure.

Why Grow Lamb’s Ears?

What makes lamb’s ears so popular with gardeners? Here are some of the top reasons to grow this versatile plant:

  • Unique soft, silvery foliage provides tactile appeal and visual contrast.
  • Blooms attract pollinators while being relatively noninvasive.
  • Deer and rabbit resistant due to hairy leaves.
  • Tolerates a wide range of conditions including poor, sandy soil.
  • Extremely drought tolerant once established.
  • Handles coastal and roadside salt spray.
  • Evergreen in warmer zones for year-round interest.
  • Spreads nicely to fill in as edging or groundcover but not aggressively invasive.
  • Foliage was used historically for bandages.

With their stellar performance and multi-sensory appeal, it’s easy to see why lamb’s ears have earned a place in so many gardens

Where to Buy Lamb’s Ears Plants

Lamb’s ears have become so popular that they are widely available from garden centers nurseries mail order sites, and local sellers. Here are some of the best places to buy lamb’s ear plants

  • Local nurseries and garden centers – Check out the perennial sections at your local nurseries. Given their popularity, lamb’s ears are often stocked alongside other ornamental perennials. You can hand select the plant you want.

  • Big box stores – Many home improvement and big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot sell perennials including lamb’s ears, often at very affordable prices. Availability may depend on location and season.

  • Mail order nurseries – Various mail order nurseries sell lamb’s ears online and ship them to you. Rare Roots offers both the standard lamb’s ears and a non-blooming cultivar called ‘Helen Von Stein’. Other mail order outlets like Bluestone Perennials have them as well.

  • Online marketplaces – You can buy lamb’s ear plants and seeds from eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Quality varies, so read item descriptions and reviews carefully when buying online.

  • Local sellers – Check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, NextDoor, and other community boards for local gardeners selling perennials like lamb’s ears. You may find great deals buying directly from nearby growers.

  • Seed catalogues and websites – To grow lamb’s ears from seed, order seeds from catalogues like Burpee, Park Seed, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, or Eden Brothers. You can also find lamb’s ear seeds from various websites.

What to Look for When Buying

When selecting lamb’s ear plants, follow these tips to pick healthy, vigorous plants:

  • Choose young plants with dense foliage without bare or thin patches. Avoid plants rootbound in pots.

  • Look for evidence of new growth like fresh, unfolded leaves and white roots emerging from drainage holes.

  • Select plants free of disease, pests, yellowing, and physical damage.

  • For culinary use, smell leaves to ensure a fresh, minty aroma.

  • When buying online or by mail, read customer reviews and avoid sellers with quality complaints.

  • For seeds, choose fresh seeds from reputable suppliers stored in proper conditions.

Enjoy the Versatility of Lamb’s Ears

With their unfussy nature and year-round good looks, lamb’s ears are a wise addition to almost any garden. They combine visual interest and tactile appeal, while serving practical purposes. Now that you know where to buy lamb’s ear plants and seeds and what to look for, you can start enjoying their unique charm and versatility for yourself. Let this fuzzy perennial bring its soft texture, soothing foliage, and pops of cheerful purple to your outdoor space.

Plant Profile: Helen Von Stein’s Lamb’s Ear :: Dig, Plant, Water, Repeat


Where is the best place to plant lamb’s ear?

The soil must drain well; lamb’s ear won’t tolerate soggy soil. Choose a full-sun or part-sun location with some shade in the afternoon. Because lamb’s ear is drought-resistant and tolerates the poorest soils, it can be planted almost anywhere as long as the soil drains.

Do lambs ear plants come back every year?

Lamb’s ears are perennial in Zones 4-8 of the U.S.

Does Lowes have lamb’s ears?

Lowe’s Multicolor Lamb’s Ear Plant in 1-Quart Pot in the Perennials department at Lowes.com.

What are the cons of lamb’s ears?

Tends to rot and develop leaf diseases in humid summer climates. Well-drained soils are essential in order to combat potential rot problems which often occur in areas with humid summers.

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