Maximizing Your Outdoor Cannabis Yield with 50 Gallon Smart Pots

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Growing cannabis outdoors can be an extremely rewarding experience. With the right setup and strains, outdoor grows can produce huge yields at a fraction of the cost of indoor grows. One of the keys to maximizing outdoor yields is using large containers, like 50 gallon smart pots. In this article, we’ll look at why large containers are important for outdoor yields, the benefits of smart pots, and what kind of yields you can expect from 50 gallon smart pots.

Why Bigger Containers Mean Bigger Yields

When growing cannabis outdoors, the size of your containers plays a huge role in your final yields. Cannabis plants have vigorous root systems and need a lot of room to grow massive colas. Here are some of the main reasons why larger containers boost yields:

  • More Root Space – Cannabis plants need large root systems to support big plants and heavy flowering More soil volume allows more extensive root development

  • Prevents Root Binding – In small containers, roots quickly run out of space and become “root bound”, limiting further growth. More soil volume prevents this.

  • Holds More Water – Large pots retain more moisture before plants need watering again This prevents drought stress between waterings,

  • Provides More Nutrients – Bigger containers simply contain more soil and nutrients for plants to feed on.

  • Supports Larger Plants – With more root space and nutrients, plants can grow taller and wider, with more flowering sites.

For all these reasons, most outdoor cannabis growers use containers in the 25-200 gallon range. Bigger is usually better when it comes to container size and yields.

Why Use Smart Pots?

While you could use regular rigid pots or fabric grow bags for large container grows, smart pots have some unique advantages:

  • Air Prunes Roots – The fabric design air prunes roots, preventing circling and tangling. This promotes a bigger, healthier root mass.

  • Better Drainage – Fabric pots drain and aerate better than rigid plastic pots, preventing overwatering issues.

  • Easier to Move – Smart pots are flexible and fold down when empty, making them easier to transport.

  • Choose Your Own Size – Smart pots come in a huge range of sizes, from 1 gallon up to 300 gallons. You can pick the perfect size for your needs.

  • Can Plant In Ground – You can bury smart pots in the ground, allowing roots to penetrate the native soil while retaining the air pruning benefits.

For outdoor grows where you need maximum root development, airflow, and drainage, smart pots are one of the best container options.

Expected Yields from 50 Gallon Smart Pots

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of bigger containers and smart pots specifically, what kind of yields can you expect from a 50 gallon smart pot outdoor grow?

This depends on several factors:

  • Strain – Heavy yielding Indica and Indica-dominant hybrids will produce more than lanky Sativas in the same space.

  • Number of Plants – More plants will produce bigger total yields but smaller yields per plant.

  • Vegetative Time – Longer veg time allows more growth before flowering.

  • Growing Conditions – Ideal sunshine, temperatures, humidity, and nutrients are needed.

  • Pruning and Training – Techniques like topping, low stress training, and scrogging boost yields.

With good strains and near ideal conditions, experienced growers typically harvest 1 to 2 pounds per plant from 50 gallon smart pots. With 4-6 plants, you could reasonably expect 5 to 10+ pounds of dried bud.

Here are some real examples from growers using 50 gallon smart pots outdoors:

  • “I pulled just over 2 pounds from a 50 gallon smart pot last summer.”

  • “I average around 1.5 pounds per 50 gallon pot plant, depending on strain. Purple Kush tends to yield more for me than Sour Diesel.”

  • “In my setup, I can fit 4x 50 gallon smart pots. I harvested just over 7 pounds of Gorilla Glue last year from the 4 plants.”

So with the right strains and dialed in growing conditions, yields of 1 to 2 pounds per 50 gallon smart pot are very attainable.

Tips for Maximizing Yields in 50 Gallon Smart Pots

To optimize your yields using 50 gallon smart pots outdoors, here are some handy tips:

  • Use heavy yielding Indica or Indica-dominant hybrid strains optimized for outdoor growing.

  • Give plants 1-2 months or more of extended vegetative growth before flowering for bigger plants.

  • Top and train plants while young to encourage bushy growth with more flowering sites.

  • Use nutrients and soil amendments designed for outdoor cannabis plants.

  • Water regularly to keep the large containers moist but not soaked.

  • Ensure plants get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

  • Stake and trellis branching colas as they gain weight to prevent breakage.

  • Install windbreaks if needed to protect plants from wind damage.

  • Control pests aggressively, as they can devastate unprotected outdoor plants.

  • Harvest plants at peak maturity when trichomes are cloudy/amber.

Follow these best practices during your grow, and you’ll be rewarded with spoon bending yields from your 50 gallon smart pots!

Start Growing Monster Plants in 50 Gallon Smart Pots

Now that you know why bigger is better when it comes to outdoor container size, the advantages of smart pots, and realistic yield expectations, it’s time to start growing!

Get your hands on some 50 gallon smart pots and select your favorite high yielding strains. With smart pot in hand, you’ll be on your way to harvesting pounds of dense, dank buds this upcoming outdoor season.

Happy growing!

Average Yield Per Outdoor Cannabis Plant Grown in Soil

Outdoor marijuana farmers determine yields by calculating grams produced per plant, and the desired range is 600-750 grams. This requires cultivating larger plants than indoor breeding and depends on consistent sunlight and favorable weather conditions.

Average Hydroponic Yield Per Marijuana Plant

When you grow plants hydroponically, the roots can get nutrients through the water instead of having to go deep into the soil. This method is believed to increase yields by 40-50% more than growing indoor cannabis with soil. However, growers who prefer this production method need experience operating and maintaining hydroponic systems. [/vc_column_text][_with_animation _url=”106071″ _size=”full” animation_type=”entrance” animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” _loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”][vc_column_text].

Does Container Size Matter in Outdoor Cannabis Production


How to maximize outdoor yield?

Strategies for Maximizing Yield in Outdoor Cultivation Pruning and Training: Proper pruning and training techniques, such as topping and trellising, can help to create a more uniform and productive canopy, allowing for better light penetration and airflow throughout the plants.

How much can a 30 gallon pot grow?

A 30 gallon can yield between a 1/4 pound and 1.5 pounds. In general, big pots provide a nice buffer when compared to small pots. In my opinion, growing in big pots is way easier and much more enjoyable. Besides, growing big plants in small pots is very challenging because it is difficult to maintain rapid growth with such a small root area.

How much does a 7 gallon bucket yield?

You can yield less or more depending on your experience level and genetics of your plants. Obviously, the 7 gallon and under containers would be best suited for indoor and 10+ are more geared for outdoor growing. Which is why i prefer hempy to soil. Just pulled 106.3 grams out of a 1.5 gallon bucket and averaged 1.75 to 2 ounces per bucket.

Does pot size affect yield?

Yes pot size will affect cannabis yield. A bigger pot will result in bigger yields. Cannabis grows long roots that need ample room to reach their ideal outcome. Growing cannabis in a container that is too small will lead to root bound and stunt the plants growth. How much cannabis can you yield in a 5 gallon pot?

How big should a pot be for outdoor growing?

For outdoor growing, there is no clear cut answer. Instead, your pot size will depend greatly on your expectations and the time of the year. Your pot size will depend on when you start your summer grow. Lets say for instance, that you start your grow in February and plan on harvesting in October.

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