Top Hostas with Built-In Slug Resistance

As a gardener, I’ve had an epic battle with slugs devouring my precious hosta collection. After years of frustration, I finally smartened up and started choosing varieties with natural slug resistance. No more holes chewed in the leaves!

Below I’ll share my top recommended slug-resistant hostas to help fellow gardeners keep their plants pristine,

What Makes a Hosta Slug Resistant?

Certain hostas have physical traits that make them less palatable to slugs and snails:

  • Thick leaf texture – Slugs have difficulty biting through

  • Bumpy leaf surface – Hard for slugs to grasp and chew

  • Fragrance – Strong scents can deter slugs.

  • High sap content – Makes leaves unappetizing.

  • Upright growth habit – Harder for slugs to access.

My Top Hosta Picks for Slug Resistance

After trial and error in my own garden, these hostas emerged as winners for evading slug damage:


With lush blue foliage and perfect mounding shape, Halcyon is stunning. Its thick leaves stay free of holes. I propagate this variety extensively.

First Frost

The thick substance and light variegation of First Frost keeps slugs away. Its compact form works well in containers, too.

Sieboldiana Elegans

A classic large hosta, Sieboldiana Elegans has very thick blue-green leaves that slugs don’t bother with. It makes a dramatic statement in the garden.


A medium size hosta with slender green leaves, Sagae has a smooth leaf surface that deters slugs. It maintains a tidy appearance all season.

Rainforest Sunrise

The thick, heavily textured leaves of this yellow variety resist slug damage. The bright color brightens any shady garden spot.


With very thick blue leaves packed closely together, Liberty denies access to slugs. This is one of the most slug-proof hostas I’ve grown.

Sum and Substance

Huge chartreuse leaves make Sum and Substance stand out, and they discourage slugs with their thick skin. Just make sure to give it room to reach its 5-foot spread!

Diamond Lake

The unusual ruffled foliage of Diamond Lake likely deters slugs through limited surface area to grip. This medium blue hosta grows into a lush mound.

Blue Mouse Ears

As the name suggests, the small rounded leaves of this compact charmer resemble mouse ears. Their thick texture keeps slugs away.

Praying Hands

With tightly folded leaves that stand upright, Praying Hands is essentially slug-proof. The neat bundles offer great textural interest.

Other Smart Slug Prevention Methods

While resistant cultivars are ideal, you can also deter slugs from non-resistant hostas with these added tactics:

  • Applying slug repellent products like copper tape on pot rims

  • Trapping slugs effectively with beer in shallow containers

  • Sprinkling diatomaceous earth around plants to shred slugs

  • Setting physical barriers like crushed eggshells or grit around plants

Hosta Heaven – No Slugs Allowed

By selecting the right cultivars and using supplemental deterrents, we hosta lovers can finally enjoy gorgeous leaves without all the unsightly holes. With slug-resistant varieties, we can tip the balance in our favor against these notorious garden pests.

First Frost (Hosta x ‘First Frost’)

Mature size: 18″h x 36″wSlug resistant: YesSun tolerant: NoGrowth: Moderate

This is my number one top favorite hosta. Halcyon is robust, perfectly sized, easily propagated, and deeply, lusciously blue. And nary a slug bite, even in the late summer. This hosta looks great with red Heucheras and Japanese Maples. It also looks great with a gold variety of Japanese Forest Grass if you want a bold contrast. I’m propagating this one as fast as I can!.

hostas that are slug resistant

Sum and Substance

You should only plant this impressive variety if you have enough space, because they can grow to be 5 feet tall or more very quickly. I put this at number 5 because I haven’t seen them in all their glory yet—I’ve moved them a few times, and they’re now in a dry spot that has probably slowed their growth. But Sum and Substance definitely repel slugs and are a wonder to look at. Their giant waxy green leaves sort of remind me of a tree frog’s skin which is creepy/cool.

hostas that are slug resistant

3 Ways To Protect Your Hosta From Slugs And Snails

Is Katie Q A slug-resistant Hosta?

I’m propagating this one as fast as I can! Katie Q is an honorary slug-resistant hosta in my book, because despite its designation by the nursery as not slug resistant, it sustains little slug damage in our garden. A variegated hosta with a sweet, somewhat ‘feminine’ form, Katie Q is wonderful paired with stouter Halcyon and purple heucheras.

Are hostas slug resistant?

After that, I did some research and compiled a list** of slug-resistant hostas, and made a big online order. That was a few years ago so I’ve had some time to watch them grow. They’ve all pretty much proven to be slug resistant, but some more than others, and a few have stuck out as favorites.

Are Hosta Blue Angel slug resistant?

Autumn Frost hosta is a moderate grower and has thick leaves. Thick leaves are great news because it means the plant is less likely to be bothered by slugs which are a common problem for hostas. For other popular slug resistant varieties, be on the look out for Hosta Blue Angel, and also check out hosta wheee!

Are Hosta ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ slug resistant?

Slug Resistant Hostas: Take Your Pick! The thick, leathery leaves of Hosta ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ turn slugs and snails totally off! I’ve had a few requests to publish a list of hostas that are slug- and snail-resistant. The problem is that there are literally hundreds of them! I simply put together a list of the more popular varieties.

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