Stunning Pink Camellias with Yellow Centers – Varieties to Brighten Your Garden

Camellias are prized for their elegant blooms and lush greenery. Pink camellias with cheerful yellow centers provide an extra pop of contrast and visual interest. This article explores some beautiful pink and yellow camellia varieties perfect for gardens across the South.

Overview of Camellias with Bi-Color Blooms

While many camellias feature solid pink, red, or white flowers, some varieties produce delightful blooms combining two colors. Pink petals surrounding a golden center is a striking color combination found in several camellia species and cultivars. Reasons to consider a bi-color camellia include

  • Added visual interest from the color contrast.

  • Bright, cheerful look from the golden yellow centers.

  • Provides foliage interest plus two-toned blooms.

  • Extends the bloom season by planting early and late flowering varieties.

  • Attracts pollinators drawn to the bold yellow stamens.

  • Works well in formal and cottage style gardens.

  • Flowers make gorgeous cut arrangements.

Let’s explore some of the loveliest pink and yellow camellia varieties for Southern gardens.

Early Bloomers

These camellias open their flowers first in fall and early winter:

Light Pink Shi ShiTM

  • Loose, semi-double 5″ blooms.

  • Pale pink petals surrounding golden centers

  • Compact shrub growing 4-5 feet tall and wide

  • Early bloom from October to December.


  • Fully double, rose-form pink flowers to 5″.

  • Bright golden stamens in center provide bold contrast.

  • Upright grower maturing at 5-6 feet tall.

  • Begins blooming in October.

Shishi Gashira

  • Loose, anemone-style blooms up to 5″ across.

  • Vibrant pink single outer petals with small yellow center.

  • Upright grower to 6 feet tall.

  • Flowers from October to January.

Mid-Season Bloomers

These camellia varieties flower in the coldest winter months:

Dream Weaver

  • Double salmon-pink blooms with yellow stamens.

  • Blooms early for a sasanqua type from November to January.

  • Grows up to 8 feet tall in an upright form.

  • More sun tolerant than other camellias.

Fragrant Pink

  • Huge 6-7″ formal double blossoms.

  • Soft shell pink petals with golden center.

  • Intoxicating fragrance.

  • Upright grower maturing over 10 feet tall.


  • 5″ single blooms with curled petals.

  • Vibrant pink with bright yellow stamens.

  • Compact mounding form grows to 4 feet tall.

  • Flowers December through March.

Late Season Bloomers

These camellias flower latest into spring:

April RememberedTM

  • Formal double blooms up to 5″ across.

  • Pale pink petals surrounding a golden center.

  • Spreading growth habit becoming 5 feet tall and wide.

  • Flowers March through April.

Bob Hope

  • Huge 5-6″ semi-double blooms.

  • Light pink flowers with golden stamens.

  • Upright form reaching 6-10 feet tall.

  • Blooms late February through April.

Spring Daze

  • Loose peony form double flowers to 4″.

  • Soft pink blossoms with yellow centers.

  • Spreading growth habit maturing at 5 feet.

  • Blooms late from March to May.

Tips for Growing Pink and Yellow Camellias

Follow these guidelines to successfully grow camellias with pink and yellow bi-color blooms:

  • Select a location with morning sun and afternoon shade in hot climates. Provide filtered sunlight or light afternoon shade in cooler areas.

  • Plant in rich, acidic, well-drained soil. Amend clay or sandy soils prior to planting.

  • Provide supplemental water during dry periods for lusher growth and maximal blooms.

  • Apply an acidic fertilizer in early spring as flowers fade.

  • Prune immediately after flowering is complete by selectively removing old wood and shaping as needed.

  • Protect from harsh winter winds in cold climates. Mulch the roots to insulate from freezing.

With proper placement and care, camellias offer years of stunning pink and yellow blossoms to brighten up your garden from fall through spring. Explore adding a variety of early, mid, and late bloomers for the longest possible floral display.

Camellia sasanqua Light Pink Shi Shi™

A new Shi Shi Gashira flower that is light pink and has the same low, spreading habit and deep green, shiny leaves. The semi-double blooms with yellow centers arrive in October and bloom into December. Makes a great cut flower.

Full Sun to Part Shade

USDA Zones 7a – 9b

pink camellia with yellow center

How to grow Shishi Gashira Sasanqua Camellia (Beautiful Low Growing Pink Camellia)

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