Garden in Style with Rural King’s Raised Beds

For home gardeners, raised beds offer many growing advantages over traditional in-ground planting. A raised bed is the best way to deal with problems like poor soil, drainage, accessibility, and pest control because it is contained and raised. Rural King, a big store for farm and home goods, has a wide range of raised garden beds for all budgets and needs. Let’s talk about why raised beds are good and what kinds Rural King has for your yard or acreage.

Why Choose a Raised Bed?

When it comes to gardening, raised beds are the best place to be because they improve soil, drainage, access, and more. Reasons you might want to garden in a raised bed include:

  • Loose, fertile soil – Fill with enriched potting mix for healthy plant roots.
  • Reduced bending and reaching – The bed height brings plants to you! Save your back.
  • Improved drainage – Elevated beds prevent wet spots.
  • Earlier planting and growth – Soil warms quicker in the spring.
  • Weed and pest control – Contained space is easier to manage.
  • Space efficiency – Get more yield in less area through square foot gardening.
  • Accessibility – Can be designed to accommodate wheelchairs and those with limited mobility.
  • Versatility – Range of sizes suit backyard veggie plots to large row cropping.
  • Aesthetics – Mix raised beds into ornamental beds and landscaping for visual appeal.

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see the appeal of raised bed gardening. Keep reading to discover the durable raised beds available from Rural King.

Galvanized Steel Raised Beds

Constructed of 20 gauge steel with a weather-resistant galvanized coating, these rugged metal raised beds from Rural King provide long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance. The corrugated bolt-together design allows for flexible configuration.

Features of Rural King’s galvanized steel raised beds include:

  • Available in 2 sizes – 3′ x 3′ or 4′ x 4′ x 10.5″ tall
  • Corrugated panels for strength and decorative interest
  • Weather-resistant galvanized coating prevents rust
  • Bolt together design is easy to assemble
  • Great for edible and ornamental gardens
  • Perfect for patios, decks, balconies, and any hardscape
  • Offer good value for the price

The structured steel construction keeps the planted area neat and contained. Galvanized metal withstands the elements beautifully. For a durable raised bed that looks sharp and functions well, check out Rural King’s galvanized steel garden beds!

Cedar Wood Elevated Beds

For those desiring the warmth and beauty of real wood Rural King’s selection of cedar raised garden beds delivers. Made from 100% kiln-dried Western Red Cedar these attractive raised planter boxes bring a beautiful natural touch to your growing space.

What to love about Rural King’s wood raised beds:

  • Available in 3 sizes – 3′ x 3′, 4′ x 8′, and 4′ x 12′
  • 100% Western Red Cedar construction – naturally rot resistant
  • 1″ thick boards create a sturdy yet lightweight frame
  • Attached legs raise bed 12″ above ground
  • Rustic design looks great in any garden setting
  • Stain or leave unfinished to develop silvery patina
  • Pairs perfectly with other backyard landscapes and structures
  • Cedar’s natural oils deter insects and repel water

Give your edibles and flowers a stylish home with a beautiful cedar raised bed from Rural King. The untreated cedar is non-toxic to work with and provides a safe growing environment.

Elevated Garden Kits

For hobby gardeners lacking woodworking skills, Rural King takes the guesswork out of building a raised bed with complete elevated garden kits. These garden-in-a-box systems provide everything needed for an instant raised bed.

Raised garden kits from Rural King feature:

  • Pre-cut Western red cedar lumber slats
  • Corner posts for structural stability
  • Plastic or metal connectors and fasteners
    -Basic hardware and tools
  • Step-by-step instructions for assembly
  • Available in different sizes and configurations
    -Made in USA from global materials

With a kit containing all the building components and directions, setting up a raised bed garden has never been so easy! Rural King makes raised bed gardening accessible for everyone with these all-inclusive kits.

Raised Bed Protection and Accessories

To help gardeners get the most out of Rural King raised beds, they offer a selection of useful accessories:

  • Bed extender frames – Make beds taller for easy access or level on slopes.
  • Steel garden netting – Protect crops from birds and small wildlife.
  • Weed block landscape fabric – Blocks weeds while allowing water and air through.
  • Soil test kits – Analyze soil needs before filling garden beds.
  • Soil supplements – Compost and fertilizers tailored for raised beds.

With the right supporting products for pest control, accessibility, soil health, and more, Rural King has you covered for raised bed gardening success!

Why Choose Rural King for Raised Beds?

As a leading farm supply and home improvement retailer, Rural King offers exceptional value on raised garden beds. Reasons to choose Rural King include:

  • Huge selection of sizes, materials, and designs
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction
  • Low cost relative to other retailers
  • Nationwide availability both in-store and online
  • Bulk pricing options for community gardens
  • One-stop raised bed shopping with all needed accessories

Rural King makes elevated garden bed shopping affordable, convenient, and fruitful! Find the perfect raised planter for maximizing your growing space.

Get Growing in a Raised Bed

The time is now to start reaping the many rewards of raised bed gardening. Rural King provides a quality range of durable and budget-friendly raised planter box options to bring new life to your yard or patio.

Give your gardens and plants the advantages of improved drainage, loose soil, comfortable access, and pest control with a Rural King raised bed. Don’t settle for lackluster in-ground gardening results a minute longer – elevate your growing game today!



Is it cheaper to make or buy raised garden beds?

On average, a DIY raised bed constructed from wood will cost $25 to $50 per square foot. To have a wooden raised bed constructed and installed for you, budget for at least $100 per square foot. (Find a kitchen garden company in your area.)

What do you put at the bottom of a raised garden bed?

Soil is the foundation of your garden, and you want it to be healthy so you can set your plants up for success! We recommend buying high-quality, nutrient-rich soil in bulk. Or, you can make a soil mix with equal parts topsoil, organic materials (leaves, composted manure, ground bark), and coarse sand.

How deep should raised garden beds be?

The minimum required depth depends on the plant. But on average, a raised garden bed should accommodate about 20 inches of soil for the roots of flowers and vegetables.

What is the cheapest method for raised beds?

Pine decking is one of the cheapest easy ways to build a raised garden bed. If you do some scouting around on the web you can find some really good deals. Reclaimed scaffold boards are another inexpensive wood that does a good job.

What is a raised garden bed?

These are typically smaller, more mobile garden beds meant to move around to catch sunlight and keep your plants away from potential ground-level threats. The most common shape for raised garden beds are ovals, rectangles, hexagons, and squares.

How big should a raised bed be?

The right size for a raised bed should be 3 to 4 feet wide and however long your garden can accommodate. The number one rule for selecting a size is to ensure you can access the bed from all sides to reach the center without stepping into it. As for the length, 8 feet allows you to grow small varieties of crops.

Are raised garden beds right for You?

It is no surprise that raised garden beds are becoming increasingly popular, and learning the best layouts for your raised beds will maximize growing space. Raised beds have many advantages over conventional garden beds: easier on your back and knees, better soil quality and drainage control, and a tidier look.

What is a raised metal garden bed?

This raised metal garden bed offers the protection, elevation, and size for your garden to thrive—all for a reasonable price. The steel plates have an eco-friendly coating that prevent soil damage, and the center of the garden bed has crossbars that strengthen the frame against wind and densely-packed soil.

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