Round and Round: 17 Creative Circular Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Getting more yard space to grow plants is a top reason gardeners use raised beds But straight-edged rectangular beds aren’t the only option Circular raised beds are an attractive alternative that can maximize planting space while adding visual interest to your landscape,

Round raised planter boxes offer a refreshing change from ordinary squared-off beds And the continuous curved form creates a natural look and flow.

Here are 17 creative ideas that might make you think outside the box and choose a round raised bed design for your garden.

Benefits of a Round Raised Garden Bed

There are some excellent advantages to the circular raised bed shape:

  • Space-saving: a round bed can fit more tightly into corners that aren’t being used. Circles maximize area in small spaces.

  • Improved ergonomics – The continuous curve allows easy access from any angle without having to reach across an entire length.

  • Better drainage – Round beds shed water evenly to the sides without puddling in corners.

  • Visual appeal – The soft form is organic, natural looking and adds interest to the landscape.

  • Custom sizes – Beds can be any diameter to fit your specific needs.

  • Flexible layouts – Round beds can stand alone or be combined in multiples and curves.

  • Low maintenance – Few compacted corners mean fewer weeds. And edges are easy to tend.

If you have an awkward space, want better planting accessibility, or just think round beds would look cool, read on for round raised garden bed ideas.

Materials for Circular Raised Beds

You can construct a round raised planter from all types of materials. Consider what will work best for your needs:

  • Wood – Use rot-resistant cedar, redwood or treated pine boards. Affordable and easy to work with.

  • Stone or brick – Stack stone or lay bricks to desired height without mortar. Can be pricey.

  • Concrete blocks – Inexpensive but very heavy. Consider lightweight versions.

  • Landscape timbers – Pressure treated wood timbers are sturdy and economical. But limit contact with treated wood.

  • Galvanized metal – Steel or aluminum sheeting is durable. Usually only smaller diameter beds.

  • Recycled plastic lumber – Made from HDPE or composite wood. Withstands weather and won’t rot.

  • Fabric containers – Use landscape fabric to form casual contained beds on soil.

Options for Round Raised Bed Diameters

Consider how large to make your round raised garden bed. Bedford width of at least 18-24 inches allows adequate planting space. Here are typical size ranges:

  • Small – 3-4 foot diameter. Good for herbs, flowers, salad greens. Fits in tight spaces.

  • Medium – 4-6 foot diameter. Flexible for mixes of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Take advantage of corners.

  • Large – 6-8 foot diameter. Grow a diversity of vegetables. Use center space for taller crops or seating.

  • Extra-large – 8+ foot diameter. Make a bold statement. Incorporate paths, trellises, decorative elements.

Measure your available space and sketch ideas before building. Combine multiple round beds of different sizes for a custom layout.

Unique Designs for Circular Raised Beds

Now for some neat design twists on round raised bed concepts:

  • Create a two-tier bed with a lower wide ring and higher narrow center ring for vertical gardening.

  • Make a spiraling bed that curves inward following the circle’s edge. Fun!

  • Use reclaimed materials like old wagon wheels, barrels, or wood in varying widths to form the edges. Rustic chic.

  • Incorporate a bench seat or path around the inner or outer circumference of the bed’s ring.

  • Add decorative edges with tile, stone, or caps atop the bed walls for flair.

  • Include a compost bin in the center opening of a large diameter ring bed.

  • Build a tiered pyramid round raised bed with ascending rings getting progressively smaller.

  • Try ellipse, oval and egg shapes for a change from perfect circles.

  • Use irregular flagstones dry-stacked around the outer edge as a casual border.

Tips for Installing Circular Raised Beds

Constructing a round raised planter box takes a little more effort but it’s very doable as a DIY project. Follow these tips:

  • Study the shape and make detailed plans allowing for the curved form. Don’t wing it.

  • For wooden beds, cut narrower boards or use bendable cedar for easier curved edges. Screw pieces together.

  • Anchor the bed into the ground below with rebar, stakes, or an internal post for stability. Cross-brace corners.

  • Use landscape fabric to line beds and minimize soil compaction against the walls.

  • Addgood drainagewith gravel layers or drainage holes if installing on solid surfaces like concrete.

  • Arrange drip irrigationaround the inner circumference to easily water the entire bed.

  • Place taller trellised orvining plantsin the center and lower veggies and herbs around the edges.

What to Plant in Elevated Circular Garden Beds

A round raised bed works great for all kinds of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other plants. Focus on what grows best in your climate. Here are some top options:

  • Vegetables – Lettuce, kale, radishes, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant

  • Herbs – Basil, oregano, thyme, sage, cilantro, parsley, chives, mint

  • Edible flowers – Nasturtiums, violas, marigolds, calendula

  • Annual flowers – Zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons, petunias, asters, salvias

  • Perennial flowers – Daylilies, coneflowers, lavender, coreopsis, daisies

  • Berry bushes – Dwarf blueberries or raspberries (for larger diameter beds)

  • Ornamental grasses – Maiden grass, fountain grass, sedge

Get Creative With Circular Raised Garden Beds

If you have unused yard space, a round raised planter box can open up new planting possibilities while adding aesthetic appeal. The circular form lends itself to imagination and innovation.

Brainstorm how you might incorporate round raised beds with water features, pathways, arbors, lighting, vertical layers, or surprising shapes like stars, triangles and ovals. Curvy beds combined with straight edges and angles can make an interesting statement.

Dare to think outside the box and design a circular raised bed garden that reflects your unique personality and style!

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