Towering Beauties: 5 Tall Perennial Plants with Stunning Red Blooms

Red is the color of love, danger, and beauty. It comes in many shades, from ruby to strawberry, port to merlot, blood to fire, scarlet to vermillion. What better color could you choose for an exciting garden than red?.

Red flowers make a dramatic statement in any garden. If you’re looking for big bold splashes of red from tall perennials these flowering plants are sure to make your borders pop. With mature heights over 4 feet, these red perennial plants will add excitement and vertical interest.


Perennial hibiscus produces dinner plate-sized red, pink, or white blooms on robust plants Growing 5-6 feet tall, it’s ideal for the back of borders or as a focal point Some varieties to try

  • ‘Kopper King’ – Vibrant red, 10-12 inch blooms

  • ‘Midnight Marvel’ – Deep maroon blooms with a red eye

  • ‘Starry Starry Night’ – White flowers with a bold red eye

Give hibiscus full sun and fertile, well-draining soil. It emerges late in spring but grows rapidly once established. One of the showiest tall plants with red flowers!

Bee Balm

Also called monarda, bee balm is a North American native loved by pollinators. The shaggy flowers come in reds like ‘Jacob Cline’ and ‘Raspberry Wine.’ Most varieties reach 4-5 feet tall.

  • Thrives in full sun to part shade

  • Tolerates clay soil but prefers even moisture

  • Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers

  • Divide clumps every 2-3 years to maintain vigor


Tall garden salvias are warm-season bloomers that pollinators flock to. ‘Amistad’ has rich scarlet flowers on purple-tinged foliage that can reach 6 feet. ‘Cherry Chief’ has eye-catching cherry red blooms on 4-foot plants.

  • Give salvias full sun and average to dry conditions

  • Cut back by half in late spring to promote bushy growth

  • Deadhead flowers to extend bloom period

  • Mulch in winter in cold climates

Canna Lily

With huge paddle-shaped leaves and bold red flowers, cannas bring a tropical look to gardens. Most grow from 3-6 feet tall. Try ‘Wyoming’ for enormous red blooms or ‘Red King Humbert’ for 5-foot plants with orange-red flowers.

  • Plant cannas in full sun and rich, moist soil

  • Dig up rhizomes and store indoors where not hardy

  • Stake tall varieties if needed for support

  • Regular watering encourages continuous blooms

Ornamental Grass

For a different texture, try a red-flowering grass like blood grass (Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’). This striking grass has green blades with red tips that intensify to solid red in fall. It reaches 2-3 feet tall.

  • Give blood grass full sun and moist soil

  • Trim back old foliage in late winter

  • Best as a focal point or edging, not in masses

Go boldly red hot with these towering perennials! Their size makes them standouts in beds, borders, and containers. Add sizzling color and height to your garden with red-flowering plants.

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Red is the color of love, danger, and beauty. It comes in many shades, from ruby to strawberry, port to merlot, blood to fire, scarlet to vermillion. What better color could you choose for an exciting garden than red?.

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What tall plant has a red bloom?

Common Names
Anthurium, tailflower, flamingo flower, laceleaf
Plant Type
Herbaceous, perennial
Mature Size
12-18 in. tall, 9- to 12-inch wide
Sun Exposure

What is the best tall perennial plant?

Hibiscus (Rose Mallow) Hibiscus are an excellent, fast growing perennial to quickly add height to the landscape. Newer Hibiscus hybrids, like those in the SUMMERIFIC® series, have sturdier habits that do not flop open like older types.

What are the red flowers on tall stalks?

Coral bean is a native plant that features red tubular flowers on tall stalks intermittently spring through fall.

What is the name of the plant that has red flowers?

The Queen Victoria or, as it is more commonly known, the cardinal flower is a red perennial flower that produces a profusion of flower spikes that bloom densely-compacted, two-lipped florets that come in a fiery, scarlet-red color.

What is a tall flowering perennial?

Tall flowering perennial plants add stunning splashes of color and vertical visual appeal in any garden. Tall, elegant plants that flower year after year are perfect for creating a dramatic landscape backdrop. Colorful spring, summer, and fall flowers on the end of tall stems also serve as tall accents in privacy fences.

How tall can a perennial grow?

Perennials with extra-tall flowers can quickly create a living privacy screen, hide an ugly fence, or add a beautiful backdrop for smaller plants to have a moment. These species can grow 6 feet tall or more, and when in bloom, they’ll take your garden to new heights. Give these tall flowering perennials some room and stand back.

What are the best perennial plants to grow?

Cranebill is another excellent perennial to grow. They bloom in different colors, but red is beautiful. Red cranesbill prefers full sun to partial shade. They thrive in moist, well-drained soil. 5. Salvia Salvia grows in just about every climate imaginable. They bloom in red, blue, pink, purple or white.

Is red a perennial flower?

A perennial flower is preferable because it returns year after year, bigger and brighter than before. Birds, bees, and butterflies love the color of red, which means you can turn your yard into a bird-watching haven. In addition, the color red can bring a pop of color to a garden, instantly brightening your yard.

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