Brighten Up Your Landscape with Flowering Shrubs Boasting Vibrant Yellow Blooms

Yellow is the color of sunshine, optimism, and cheer What better way to infuse your outdoor space with joy than by planting vibrant yellow flowering shrubs? A strategically placed golden-hued shrub can instantly brighten up even the drabbest corner of your yard.

When choosing yellow blooming shrubs, you have plenty of options. Flowering times range from late winter right through summer, ensuring season-long color. Mature sizes span petite dwarfs to bold 8-footers. Deciduous and evergreen varieties allow four-season interest. There are choices for sun or shade, wet or dry soil. And many provide more than just pretty flowers—ornamental foliage, fragrance, colorful berries, and fall color extend their appeal.

To help you select the right yellow flowering shrubs for your needs, here is an overview of 10 top picks for bright, cheery, yellow blooms:

1. Forsythia

No shrub says “spring is here!” quite like forsythia. Its early bloom time and vibrant golden display make it a classic choice. There are many cultivars to choose from but ‘Lynwood Gold’ is a favorite for its deep yellow flowers and upright arching form that shows them off beautifully. Give this 8-10 foot tall shrub full sun to part shade and normal moisture. Prune right after flowering.

2. Witch Hazel

Bring some winter cheer into your landscape with witch hazel. Blooming in late winter or early spring its spidery yellow flowers and sweet spicy fragrance are a breath of fresh air after a long cold season. ‘Arnold Promise’ is a popular large shrub, reaching 10-15 feet tall and wide. ‘Diane’ is a compact variety, only growing 5-8 feet tall and wide. Both do best in full sun to part shade and moist, fertile soil.

3. Yellow Azalea

Azaleas are classic spring-blooming shrubs. Extend their season by choosing one that blooms later, like the yellow ‘Golden Oriole’. Its large, bright golden blooms light up the shade garden in late spring. This variety can reach 8 feet tall and wide, but pruning will keep it smaller. Provide well-drained, acidic soil and afternoon shade.

4. Gold Medal Rose

Hybrid shrub roses add a graceful, refined look to the landscape. ‘Gold Medal’ is a compact variety that produces abundant clusters of small, double yellow blooms all summer. It only reaches about 4 feet tall and wide. Give it full sun and average moisture. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

5. Japanese Rose

Also called Rugosa rose, the Japanese rose is prized for its disease resistance, salt tolerance, and ability to thrive with minimal care. ‘Hansa’ is a popular variety with large, single yellow flowers from early summer through fall. It grows 5-6 feet tall and wide. Full sun, average soil, and good drainage are ideal.

6. Mahonia

Mahonia offers cheery winter blooms when little else is flowering. ‘Winter Sun’ bursts forth with fragrant yellow flower spikes in late winter or early spring. The upright, bushy shrub grows 8-10 feet tall and wide. Blue-green, holly-like leaves turn reddish-purple in fall. Give this beauty partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.

7. St. John’s Wort

The bright yellow flowers of St. John’s Wort shine like little sunbursts all summer long. Hummingbirds and butterflies love them too! ‘Sunburst’ is a compact variety, reaching just 2-3 feet tall and wide. It does best in full sun and dry to average soil. Shear it back after flowering to encourage new growth and more blooms.

8. Lydian Broom

Want something unusual? Check out Lydian broom. This rare shrub explodes with fragrant yellow flowers in spring before the leaves emerge. Give it full sun to light shade and well-drained soil. It can reach 10 feet tall and wide but responds well to pruning. Lydian broom is not related to Scotch broom and is not invasive.

9. Bush Honeysuckle

Native bush honeysuckle is a wildlife-friendly, non-invasive choice for naturalistic gardens. ‘Canary’ lights up partially shady spots with bright golden-yellow trumpet-shaped blooms in late spring. It has an arching form and grows 4-5 feet tall and wide. Avoid planting near invasive Japanese honeysuckle.

10. Double Play Gold Spirea

No mid-summer garden should be without the lively blooms of spirea. ‘Double Play Gold’ offers abundant yellow flower clusters on a neat, compact shrub. Red new growth matures to golden yellow foliage, providing color all season. This petite beauty only reaches 2-3 feet tall and wide. Give it full sun and average moisture. Shear it back after flowering.

With so many fantastic choices, you’re sure to find the perfect yellow flowering shrubs to brighten up your outdoor space. Visit your local nursery and explore the possibilities. A few vibrant, sunny bloomers can make all the difference!

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Yellow shrubs and yellow flowers simply command attention. Plant your favorite yellow flowering shrub if you want a fun place to hang out outside with friends and family.

You may also enjoy the way the Forsythia bush across the street greets the first days of spring with its many bright, bell-shaped blooms that cover every bare branch. As of now, there are many modern benefits to the Forsythia plant, which is one of the most well-known and loved yellow bushes:

  • Tiny Show Of Sugar Baby® Starlet Forsythia
  • Frost-hardy Meadowlark Forsythia protects the flower power
  • Sunrise Forsythia gives you yellow spring blooms and fall color

Gift your yard an early spring splash of yellow that brightens up an otherwise dull brown winter landscape. Contemplate Primrose Lilac, too, as these hardy yellow flowering shrubs also make dynamic informal hedges.

For small yellow flowers all season long, plant St. Johns Wort and Potentilla. Never heard of these yellow plant names? Our online plant nursery has a lot of information to help you figure out what a yellow flowering bush is and how to take care of it.

Click on the s to read a full product description of your favorite. You can easily filter by height, spread, sun exposure and bloom season.

You could add a Golden Raintree if you have the room. It has beautiful yellow flowers. And don’t forget to plant daffodils bulbs in the fall for a happy spring show.

7 Yellow Flowering Shrubs That’ll Brighten Up Your Garden


What is a spring blooming shrub with yellow flowers?

Forsythia (Forsythia spp.) are non-native shrubs grown for their yellow flowers that bloom in early spring. They are easy plants to grow because of their adaptability.

What early blooming shrub has bright yellow flowers?

Forsythias are renowned for their vibrant yellow flowers, which appear in early spring all along the bare branches, largely before the leaves unfurl. They usually form large, upright shrubs with arching stems and are deciduous, so lose their leaves over winter.

What is the name of a wild bush with yellow flowers?

Chaparral Honeysuckle. Description: Deciduous, sprawling shrub with yellow honeysuckle flowers. It has edible but bitter berries.

What is a yellow flower that blooms all summer long?

LANTANA. Heat and drought conditions are no match for this carefree bloomer, which will reward you with clusters of bright yellow flowers all summer long, even without deadheading. Lantana flowers are also rich in nectar, making them irresistible to butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

What shrubs have yellow flowers?

Shrubs with yellow flowers are known for their vibrant colors, wonderful scents, and lush foliage. From the showy golden yellow blooms of forsythia, Pontic azaleas, and shrub roses to the delicate blossoms of bushy cinquefoil, there are many yellow-flowering shrubs to choose from.

Can you grow a yellow flowering shrub in the winter?

Spring-flowering types explode with fragrant spiderlike flowers in yellow, copper or red as early as January. These deciduous shrubs are undemanding and tough, with stunning fall foliage and winter flowers. Plant in full sun to part shade. For a yellow flowering shrub, try Arnold Promise, which grows 12 to 15 feet high and wide.

Are Yellow Bushes a good color?

Yellow may well be the most cheerful of colors, so it’s no wonder that many gardeners want to grow bushes with yellow flowers. The brightness of yellow pops against almost any background, especially the deep greens of plant foliage or the browns of fences, branches, or mulch. Here are 10 great yellow-flowering shrubs for different climate zones.

How to choose a yellow flowering shrub?

If you are looking for a gorgeous yellow flowering shrub, the yellow roses will be the best choice. The plants carry a positive vibe with them that is soothing to the heart. Moreover, for all of them who love roses, you can plant them in the garden or in your house to uplift your room’s décor as well.

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