Where to Find Gorgeous Orange Rose Plants for Sale

With their warm, vibrant color, orange roses make a stunning addition to any garden. If you’re looking to add some orange rose plants to your landscape, you have several options for finding these beauties for sale. Knowing where to find reliable sellers of healthy, high-quality orange rose bushes will ensure success growing these eye-catching flowers.

Online Retailers Offer Convenience

One of the easiest ways to find orange rose plants for sale is through online plant retailers. Reputable online nurseries ship healthy roses nationwide allowing you to get the exact varieties you want delivered right to your door. Here are some top online sources for ordering orange rose bushes

  • Jackson & Perkins – This established mail order nursery offers several orange rose varieties including singles, doubles, climbers, and shrubs.

  • Spring Hill Nursery – They sell the popular Orange Freedom Rose, a hardy landscape shrub rose producing abundant bright blooms

  • David Austin Roses – Renowned for English roses, they offer the fragrant, apricot-orange Vanessa Bell along with other orange-blend options

  • High Country Roses – This specialty rose grower sells Orange Sunblaze, a prolific orange miniature rose perfect for containers.

Ordering online allows you to browse many orange rose choices, read reviews, and have plants delivered at the optimal spring planting time. Ensure reputable sellers who guarantee healthy roses.

Local Nurseries Offer Selection

Visiting local nurseries is another great option for finding orange rose plants for sale. While selection is more limited than online, you can personally inspect plants before purchasing. Look for nurseries that:

  • Specialize in roses – They will offer the best selection and rose care expertise.

  • Sell own-root roses – These establish better as they’re grafted onto their own roots.

  • Have healthy plants – Look for disease/pest-free plants with robust canes and foliage.

  • Offer warranties – Indicative of confidence in plant health.

High-quality local nurseries are great for getting suggestions from experienced staff. And you can take home plants the same day!

What to Look for When Buying

Whether ordering online or buying in person, look for these signs of quality when purchasing orange rose plants:

  • Established canes – Mature rose canes are thick, woody, and brown in color. Weak, thin green canes indicate immaturity.

  • Foliage – Leaves should be dark green without spots, holes, or yellowing. Lots of leaves indicate a vigorous plant.

  • Root system – Should fill out the container but not be pot-bound. Avoid root-bound or root-bare plants.

  • Labels – Ensure the label states the rose variety, rootstock, and other details.

  • Appearance – No signs of disease, pests, damage, or dead growth. Overall healthy plant.

Taking time to inspect plants carefully prior to purchasing ensures you start with the highest quality orange roses.

Types of Orange Roses to Look For

Many exciting orange rose varieties are available from rose breeders and specialists. Here are some top types to look for:

  • Shrub roses – Low-maintenance, hardy bushes perfect for landscaping. Try Orange Freedom.

  • Floribunda – Profuse bloomers with clustered flowers. Tropical Lightning is a stunner.

  • Grandiflora – Heirloom-shaped blooms on long stems are lovely. Such as Sunsprite.

  • Miniature – Dwarf roses under 2 feet ideal for containers. Orange Sunblaze is petite but bold.

  • Climbers – Vigorous vines perfect for trellises and fences. Golden Showers smothers with color.

With so many glorious options, you can find the perfect orange rose plant types to fulfill your garden vision!

Caring for Newly Purchased Plants

Once you get your new orange rose plants home, proper care is needed to get them off to a vigorous start:

  • Unpack carefully – Open boxes and remove pots gently to avoid damaging canes.

  • Water well – Give several gallons per plant to moisten and settle the soil.

  • Allow time to rehydrate – If roots were dry, wait a few days before planting.

  • Trim off dead material – Remove any dead leaves, petals, or canes with clean shears.

  • Plant promptly – Get in ground within 1-2 days if possible. Keep well-watered until planted.

  • Plant with care – Dig proper sized holes, untangle roots, backfill soil firmly.

  • Provide support – Install trellises, cages, or stakes at planting to support canes.

  • Mulch bed – Apply 2-4 inches of organic mulch around new plants.

With proper initial care, your new orange rose plants will establish beautifully and provide many years of vibrant color.

Ideal Growing Conditions

While they vary by type, orange roses thrive best in these general conditions:

  • Full sun – At least 6 hours of direct sun daily allows robust growth.

  • Well-draining soil – Roses dislike wet feet, so ensure fast drainage.

  • Even moisture – About an inch of water weekly, avoiding droughts or waterlogging.

  • Protection from wind – Shelter plants if in an exposed location.

  • Proper soil pH – Target slightly acidic pH between 6.0-6.5.

  • Fertilization – Use balanced rose fertilizer to support flowering and plant health.

Providing orange roses with optimum growing conditions prevents issues and keeps plants looking their best.

Where to Plant in Your Landscape

Orange roses lend bright, welcoming color wherever they are planted. Consider these prime garden locations:

  • Flower borders – Edge beds and borders for a pop of sunny color. Pair with pinks, purples, whites for contrast.

  • Entryway garden – Greet visitors with cheery orange roses by walkways and entry gates.

  • Containers – Dwarf varieties thrive in pots on patios, decks, and balconies.

  • Cutting garden – Grow several plants to always have orange roses available for bouquets.

  • Hedges and screens – Use taller hardy shrub roses to form informal hedges or privacy screens.

  • Along fences – Train climbers up fences or trellises to create stunning flowering displays.

With thoughtful placement, orange roses become focal points and complements in both formal and cottage garden designs.

Advance Planning for Success

Get a head start on success by planning ahead when adding orange roses:

  • Select the best rose types for your climate, space, and needs. Do research on growth habits, hardiness, and care.

  • Prepare planting sites in advance by amending soil, removing weeds/grass, and installing structures for climbers.

  • Plan for proper care and maintenance including pruning, fertilizing, mulching, and winter protection.

  • Allow young plants a year or two to establish before expecting prolific blooms. Be patient!

With some forethought, orange roses will thrive and enhance your landscape for years of beauty.

Enjoy Brilliant Orange Rose Displays

Known for their warm, tropical colors and delicate heirloom blooms, orange roses have captivated gardeners for decades. With the right selection, placement, and care these iconic beauties lend cheery, nostalgic charm to gardens of all styles. Seek out top-quality orange rose plants from reputable suppliers. Then plant them in ideal conditions to enjoy their sunset-hued blossoms for many seasons to come. With so many glorious orange rose varieties available, you’re sure to find your perfect match!

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Is there a real orange rose?

Orange roses cannot be found in nature, since they are the product of decades of crossbreeding red roses and yellow roses. Such process has led to the creation of dozens of orange rose varieties. The orange roses meaning changes depending on the intensity of the hues they display.

Can you plant orange roses?

So, whether you’re looking for a ground cover rose to blanket the garden floor or spill from hanging baskets; a hybrid tea or grandiflora to fill your vases with big, beautiful blooms; a floribunda or shrub rose to brighten your garden with abundant blossoms, or a climbing rose to cover garden structures in brilliant …

What does an orange rose symbolize?

The vibrant orange rose speaks for itself as it represents fascination, enthusiasm, desire, and energy. Orange roses also symbolize admiration and excitement, making them the perfect gift for your loved one after a big accomplishment. With such a positive and encouraging meaning, orange roses can be used in many ways.

Can you get orange roses?

Orange roses come in a range of hues, varying in intensity. Some of the lighter cultivars are tinged with pink or yellow, making them ideal for delicate, subtle colour schemes. The deepest orange roses border on red, bringing heat and drama to border designs.

What are the best orange rose bushes?

We’ve carefully compiled this list of orange rose bushes along with care must-knows. 1. Double Easy Orange Rose 2. Lady of Shalott Rose 3. The Lady Gardener Rose 4. Bettina Rose 5. Flora Danica Rose 6. Easy Does It Rose 7. Adobe Sunrise Rose 8. Amber Sunblaze Rose 1. Double Easy Orange Rose

Are Orange Roses good for a garden?

In recent years, apricots, oranges, and creams have become popular in design. Just like paint color and accessories, orange roses come in a wide range of shades and styles. If you’re ready to make your garden look more lively and warm, this article will walk you through gorgeous orange roses perfect for the job. Let’s dig in!

How do I choose a rose plant?

When adding rose plants and bushes to your garden, consider growth habits, hardiness zone, bloom times, disease resistance, stem length and your personal style. You may wish to plant a mass of one color of rose bushes, blend different colors through your spaces, or incorporate them in mixed perennial beds.

What are heirloom roses?

Grow these classic beauties, and you’ll quickly learn why these “new heirlooms” are beloved around the world. Shrub Roses: Shrub roses, also called bush roses, are bushier plants that can be used to build a hedge or divide a yard. English roses are a major subspecies, as are vigorous, huge-blooming Knock Out roses.

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